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    3 Reasons Solar Power is Making India Energy Independent

    3 Reasons Solar Power is Making India Energy Independent

    In present times, the world is adopting renewable resources of power generation at a faster rate. One such renewable resource is Solar energy.

    Solar energy is one of the safe, affordable, and eco-friendly sources of energy. Currently, around 1.4 million homes have opted for solutions like solar panels in India. 

    To make you better understand why solar power is making India energy-independent, we have listed down the things you should know:

    Why is Solar Power Important?


    • Helps in Reducing your Electricity Bills


    Whether you are a homeowner, business, or a non-profit organization, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your hefty monthly expenses. However, with a solar power system, you will be able to generate free power for the next 25 years. Your savings with solar will depend on a few factors like- how much energy your system produces and how much you consume. 


    • Helps in Earning Great Returns on Investment


    A solar system is a great financial product that can generate annual returns ranging anywhere between 10% to 30%. You can easily calculate your annual returns by dividing the financial benefits which you receive every year with your initial investment in the solar power system. 

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    • Enhances the Value of Your Property


    In addition to saving benefits, getting a solar installation can enhance and increase your property value. Therefore, while selling, renting, or leasing the property, you can benefit by claiming a better cost in return. 

    Solar Panels- The Future of Energy Consumption

    Right now, most homeowners have a solar panel installed on their terrace or backyard, which helps in producing electricity. These panels use the solar power radiated from the sun and convert it into thermal or electrical energy. It is a great investment for your home and any commercial establishment too. Broadly there are two types of solar panels—Monocrystalline PERC solar panels and Polycrystalline solar panels. 

    Why is Solar Power Making India Energy Independent?

    Green energy is rising everywhere across the globe, and the share of solar power in the green market is growing rapidly. The three primary reasons that are making India energy-independent has been mentioned below:


    • Less Dependent on Non-Renewable Sources


    Traditionally electricity is produced from fossil fuels and natural gas. To produce electricity, fossil fuels are burned, and they emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. However, no greenhouse emissions are released when you generate electricity from a solar power system. As a renewable source, solar energy is the greenest way of generating electricity.


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    • No Third-Party Suppliers


    Solar power allows you to produce your own electricity, which is a great way to reduce your reliance on the power supplied from the National grid, cutting down on your energy bill and the need for electricity to be generated commercially at the same time. 


    • No Power Loss in Transmission


    Roughly on average, around 3 to 5% of energy is lost, especially during transportation and distribution. The longer the distance between the production and supply joints, there will be more loss of power. A solar power system can help you in avoiding these losses by reducing the distance and increasing the efficiency of the solar panels. 

    As the population is increasing, the demand for energy consumption is also rising rapidly. Hence, it is the right time to invest in a solar panel system. Trusted brands like Luminous offer a comprehensive range of solar solutions for your home. You can contact their solar experts and get the best solar panel solutions installed in your home! 


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