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4 of the Best Luxury Jewelry Watches To Add To Your Collection

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November 09, 2020
4 of the Best Luxury Jewelry Watches To Add To Your Collection

Luxury jewelry watches get a bad rap in the industry. That’s because these timepieces usually are seen as just “museum” pieces, not something that you would wear every day, but something that’s likely to be gawked at. With most jewelry watches, the movements and build are not as highlighted as when a serious horological timepiece from Swiss watchmakers is featured. 

But there is still a big market for jewelry watches-not just for women, but for men as well. As the industry moves toward a more smartwatch-focused demographic, mechanical timepieces that feature top of the line materials such as diamonds, white gold, titanium, and more, are put on the backburner. In this article, we’ve listed down four of the best luxury jewelry watches money can buy:

Chopard LUC

LUC Chopard watches have a reputation within the industry as one of the most versatile timepieces from Swiss jewelry maker Chopard. The collection has both for men and women sections, all outfitted with an in-house automatic movement that has 30-50 meter water resistance. The classic LUC Traveller One Complications watch should easily do the trick for the gents, while the 35mms best to wear for the ladies.

Chanel Calibre 1

Chanel has been seriously bumping up its watchmaking efforts for quite some time now, starting with hiring industry specialists to work for its movement. The Skeleton Boyfriend watch was a great example of what the luxury fashion house can do when it gets its watchmaking arm sorted out, but the Calibre 1 is the watch that put Chanel as a serious watchmaker.

This luxury jewelry watch is a cut above the rest because of its minimalist approach to everything: the dial is surprisingly subdued, with a German take that’s reminiscent of A. Lange & Sohne dials, a carbon-colored movement that’s five years in the making, and pricing that will make even a Patek blush. This is a stunning watch, and if you have the dough to get it, we say go for it.

Cartier Santos

A classic in its merit, sporting a Santos, means that you know your watches. Sporting an embellished Santos would mean that you’ve arrived. There is quite the collection within this product line, and to choose only one timepiece can be daunting. But the large model in hand-wound movement and stainless steel gray case is an excellent daily driver if you’ve ever seriously looked for one! 

Boucheron Serpent Boheme

This one is for the ladies. Boucheron is the premier French jewelry watchmaker, and while it’s true that there are quite several French luxury fashion brands that you can look into for jewelry watches, nothing creates timepieces with fervor for its inspirations like Boucheron. The Serpent Boheme collection is as elegant as jewelry watches get, and it’s a stunner.

The one set in yellow gold, with four diamonds and mother-of-pearl dial and bracelet is one of a kind, something that can be considered as a museum piece, and it’s something that you’ll certainly only wear for special occasions. You get a high-accuracy Swiss quartz movement powering an 18mm dial that’s dainty on the wrist. For the gentlemen, this is a perfect anniversary gift for the special lady in your life!


So there you have it. These are just some of the best luxury jewelry watches money can buy. Always remember that if you want to start collecting, having a sizable amount of capital helps. These watches fetch astronomical prices, and while you get your money’s worth, there should be a ceiling to which you’ll limit your purchases.

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