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4 Questions You Must Ask To Find the Right Recruitment Agency

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December 19, 2020
4 Questions You Must Ask To Find the Right Recruitment Agency

Are you looking for qualified temporary staff for your company? With the fierce competition in the job market, recruiting qualified and experienced staff that can fit into your job description is often challenging. Companies try to outdo each other in their bid to acquire the best talents. So how can you ensure that you get quality staff amidst this competition?

The answer lies in staffing agencies. The reputed temporary staffing agencies have access to a vast talent pool. Since they are continuously involved in the recruitment process, they are far more experienced and have a keen eye that can easily identify the right candidate.

Further, many companies have realized that they can save valuable resources and time by outsourcing their human resource recruitment process. With so many choices for recruitment agencies available, you must surely be wondering how you can select the right agency. 

Go through the questionnaire below to find your answer.

What Type Of Recruitment Do They Conduct?

The first important point that you must consider while evaluating an employment agency is what type of recruitment service they offer. Broadly, there are three different types of recruitment agencies that operate in the market. While the general recruitment agencies keep shuffling their hats as per needs, the executive ones cater to the needs of executive staff. So when you are looking for temporary staff, it is best to opt for a temporary staffing agency.

What Are The Recruitment Duties That You Want To Outsource?

Different companies outsource different parts of the recruitment process. There are some companies that put all the responsibility of shortlisting candidates on the recruitment agency but reserve the rights to the final say. There are also some companies that outsource the complete process right from creating the job description to the onboarding of the new recruits. 

It is important for you to determine which part of the hiring process you want to outsource. After you have decided on that, make sure the shortlisted companies have similar experiences in the past.

What Is The Cost Of The Recruitment Process?

While you want to hire the best resources for your company, you do not want the process to topple your balance sheet. That is why it is extremely important to check the fee charged by the recruitment agency for the process. Since temporary staff is usually required in large numbers, a high fee will not match your needs. It is also essential to do away with your notion that only high charging agencies are qualified in their task.

You can easily find out about the rates prevailing in the market by going through a few temporary staffing agency websites in your area.

 Do They Have Niche Industry Expertise?

Recruitment agencies that have specialized experience in a particular industry where you operate is always a bonus. They can understand your needs well and have prior experience of catering to similar needs. They also have less chances of going wrong with the candidates.

Asking these questions will help you to find the right recruitment agency easily.