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4 Tips for Growing Software Companies

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January 07, 2021
4 Tips for Growing Software Companies

Software creators often can feel a period of stagnation between builds. Your entire enterprise is focused on the output of a single product or suite of complementary services during the design and testing phase of software development. After the rollout, developers often feel a lull in the action and may get the sense that the company is treading water until the next project rolls around. Growing your business requires a dedication to expansion that is often put on the backburner during these development stages. But creating more market capitalization as a software company can be as simple as an easy changeover or the implementation of new data protocols that allow for more free flowing production. Here are some tips that will be helpful for a software company on the rise.

1. Upgrade your hardware.


Programmers worth their salt know that the physical devices they work on each day matter less than the software and computing strength that powers them. However, working with state of the art machines is crucial. Upgrade your hardware so that it can handle the physical input that your team members demand of their equipment. This is a great way to energize the firm and breathe new life into the next project in the pipeline.

Introducing a dedicated server into your corporate computing infrastructure is a great way to reimagine the way in which your team shares data and collaborates on tasks within the larger picture. A dedicated server, especially a virtual server, is the perfect way to integrate data sharing into your team’s routine while still promoting data integrity measures. This way you can centrally locate sensitive and important information either in a cloud service or data center on campus that provides database functions to your team and allows coded access to a system of classification throughout. Finding a dedicated server solution that provides firewall protection and high quality uptime levels is essential to creating this new workflow within your company’s community.

2. Implement robust decision making strategies.

Direction flows from the top. Understanding your role, as a C-level manager, in the ecosystem of your business is crucial to seeing growth – the same holds true no matter the industry you operate within. Introducing new features, rolling out novel software applications, or creating redundancies within your own hard drive or cloud data storage mechanism are all important aspects of the business’ operation. Utilizing a decision making structure that gives your employees the latitude to approach you or other supervisory team members is essential to ballooning your operation into a large business that turns over huge volume every year. Software developers quickly get bored with a static corporate structure, so taking control of the direction and allowing for a free flow of ideas can help energize your workforce and encourage agility.

3. Utilize a data integration service to simplify operations.

What is iPaaS’ is a question that some newer developers may ask when introducing these measures, but anyone who’s been around the block knows that connectivity between systems is crucial to streamlined business processes. An iPaaS, or integration platform-as-a-service, is an integration solution that acts as an interface between various servers, applications, data, and processes. An iPaaS circumvents the need to introduce new hardware or middleware into your system in order to manually build these connections between functions. Utilizing iPaaS technology can create seamless data transfer between your various systems and business processes so that your team can focus on the things that are important rather than fumbling with sloppy data overlap.

4. Make sure your team feels appreciated.

All too often software development teams kick into overdrive to finalize testing or product development in order to meet a self-imposed deadline. This can introduce massive burnout into the ecosystem of your office. Taking the time to let your team know how important they are in real time is essential to maintaining a happy and high functioning environment. The developers in your firm are often some of the brightest minds in their field—and fantastic problem solvers—giving them the credit they deserve should be a no-brainer. But this praise is often left unsaid. Praise their optimal performance and agility, these compliments will create employee loyalty.

Building robust business processes and development schedules takes dedication to your people and their tools. Upgrade and praise in order to make the most of your office culture.