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5 Benefits of Doctor on Call Services in Dubai 

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January 22, 2021
5 Benefits of Doctor on Call Services in Dubai 

Dubai is fast becoming one of the hubs for healthcare innovations and transformations. Highly advanced technology, tools and medical facilities are already popular in Dubai. 

Health care services like doctor on call in Dubai has further pushed the boundaries, and it is helping the residents of Dubai massively to access the best medical assistance and care. So, what are the benefits common people can enjoy with doctor on call facility available? How is it different from the traditional way of consulting doctor? Why it is important in Dubai? These are some important questions we aim to answer in this blog along with top 5 benefits. 


It wouldn’t be a surprise to say that people living in Dubai are often busy. Working professionals often do not get time to visit a hospital, get routine medical check-ups done, or even consultant with doctors for small ailments. It may seem like a gigantic task to steal some time and take care of your health. 

Such scenarios too often happen with those residing in Dubai. Services like doctor on call in Dubai is a boon for people who seek medical attention. It is so convenient to consult with doctors in the comfort of your home. You can decide the time and get an appointment. Such services value your time and attend you as soon as possible. 

Many a time, someone in the family might be sick who needs urgent medical care. For example, a child with a fever or elderly with serious physical conditions. The onus falls on the head of the family to take them to the hospital. With doctor-on-call service, doctor visits your home.

Urgent Attention

Many physical health conditions ask for urgent medical attention. Suppose someone is sick and fatigued. At such instances, it is almost impossible for the patient to travel to the hospital. Instead, the patient would prefer to stay in the bed and rest. Moreover, the long queue can dissipate so much energy off the patient. Sometimes, meeting a doctor itself becomes a nightmarish situation for many. 

Doctor on call in Dubai is one such service which enables you to get urgent medical attention cutting the need for travelling. A doctor will visit your home and provide you with the same care and treatment just like any doctor in a hospital. The benefit here is that you can rest before and after doctor meets you and understand your condition.

Personalized Care 

In clinics or hospitals, the doctor meets thousands of patient in a day and spend some time with every patient. It is an arduous task to provide personalized care to every individual patient. 

With doctor-on-call services, doctors are highly qualified professionals who take extra care in providing personalized care to you. A comprehensive examination is done. He/She can attend to your questions and concerns. Since there are no distractions of meeting the next patient, special attention is possible. It maximizes treatment efficiency as well. 

Home comfort

Let’s be honest and agree that many people don’t like visiting hospitals. For some, it is a scary thing to visit doctors, and the environment itself makes few to nauseate. For others, it has a psychological effect too. 

With doctor-at-home services, you can be with your near and dear ones or family members. The relatives can also hear what the doctor has to say about your condition. The home comfort has a positive effect emotionally as well as physically. The warmth of the family and personalized care from doctors can boost the health of a patient. 

Less Expenses

The medical expenses in Dubai are on the rise. Of course, the quality of healthcare is top-notch, and therefore the cost. But at the time, doctor on call services are affordable than other forms of medical healthcare facilities. Moreover, if you are recuperating from a serious illness or recovering from an accident, it is easy to get attended by experts who can visit your home. Thus, it saves expenses as well. The Home Physiotherapy, Medical test at home, Home nursing are some of the services which you can use in Dubai.

These are top 5 benefits people in Dubai can enjoy with doctor-on-call services. First Response Healthcare is one of the leaders in providing services like doctor on call and health checkup in Dubai in the comfort of the home. For more details, visit www.firstresponse.ae.