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5 Benefits of PPC Advertising

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October 28, 2020
5 Benefits of PPC Advertising

Does your company want to gain more exposure online? If so, PPC advertising is a good idea. The term PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and is sometimes referred to as Google Adwords. This marketing tactic allows advertisers to display brief advertisements on the Google search engine.

With good optimization, a PPC campaign will target the right audience by location, age, interests, etc, when they search for a keyword related to your advert. You’ll also have a good return from the sum invested, and the campaign can be managed online from any location. This means you can start, edit, and end it quickly, ensuring you react immediately to potential changes. Want to know more? If so, continue reading the below five benefits of PPC advertising.

  1. Targeted Advertising


Once the stress of launching a website is over, the burden that follows is even bigger —finding target customers. Every business owner knows that the path to good rankings and targeted visitors is not an easy one. If you’d rather not waste time, PPC is an excellent way to drive visitors to your website within minutes. With PPC advertising, you’re also free to determine your target group — a rare pleasure you should definitely use! Addressing target groups is the ideal solution when advertising online, as your messages will reach the right people.

Are you unsure what your target group looks like and how you should address them? If yes, a good PPC advertising agency like Linkgraph will help. With their extensive experience in all aspects of digital marketing (including PPC and SEO), their PPC account managers will develop and manage tailor-made PPC advertising campaigns for your business — while effectively minimizing your expenses. You’ll expect only the most qualified leads out of every click to your landing page when using this PPC agency.

  1. You Only Pay for Clicks

Cost-per-click is a results-oriented billing model. In most cases, a click or a call can be uniformly measured and tracked. This ensures greater transparency compared to older advertising models that used a fixed-price when displaying ads. With PPC, the advertiser only incurs costs if the ad demonstrably reaches their target group. In other words, Google will only charge you if a potential customer has found your site using specific keywords.

The good news is that if you efficiently optimize your ad to improve your site’s quality score, PPC is a cost-effective method of generating visitors. More so, if your site is attractive, and the user is interested in buying your product or service, a sale should not be so far away. You can also regulate the costs in the best possible way, by limiting the click price and budget.

  1. PPC Pays Off Regionally


Although Google is known worldwide, PPC advertising is also a viable method to reach people in your local vicinity. In fact, local advertising is where Google ads come out very strong. With well-researched keywords and proper optimization, potential customers who live locally can quickly find your business. Remember, proximity creates trust.

  1. Results Are Easy to Measure

With many other advertising campaigns, it isn’t straightforward to gauge what effect they have. On the other hand, with PPC marketing, you’re always kept in the loop with the latest results. Google supplies countless valuable statistics. You can view the progress of each ad and further optimize for better results.

Not only do you get important information about your ROI (Return of Investment), but you’re also informed about the success of various keywords. Also, as an advertiser, you can influence the result. With the highest price per click that you are willing to pay, and with the budget that you are ready to spend, you have two powerful levers that can steer the result in the desired direction.

  1. Lots of Support Online


Although PPC is pretty straightforward for laypeople, it makes even more sense when help is at hand. Luckily, there is a wide array of PPC and SEO tools and resources online. Whether you’re concerned about optimization or reducing your cost per click, PPC’s real magic usually unfolds when you work with experts.


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