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5 Crucial Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

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October 30, 2020
5 Crucial Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can be one of the most traumatic and stressful experiences in a person’s life. For many people, a serious accident can be life changing, as many result in serious injuries, an increase in insurance rates, high medical expenses, and the burden of purchasing a new car. Since an auto accident can be such a difficult time for everyone involved, it’s in everyone’s best interest to follow these steps after an accident in order to achieve proper medical care and legal justice.

  1. Call 911.

The first thing you should do after getting into a car crash is to make a phone call to 911 emergency responders. Since auto accidents have the potential to be life threatening, it’s necessary to have medical care and police officers on the scene right away. Whether you have experienced a minor bodily injury or debilitating physical injury, having help arrive at the scene of the accident can potentially result in the difference between life and death for some accident victims. Additionally, having the police on the scene is essential in order to get a police report of the accident, which can help determine the result of the personal injury case that is likely to take place after the accident.

  1. Document the accident and request a police report.

If you are capable of documenting the scene, it’s important you do so that you can provide your insurance company and attorney with information about the time of the accident. Taking pictures of the damaged vehicles can help determine which party is at fault and if the accident was the result of negligence or another case. Requesting the phone number of the other motorist’s insurance company is critical information to provide to your own insurer so you can receive collision coverage.

You must also ask the police officers for their information so that you can be sure to have access to the police report regarding the accident. This police report will help identify the parties involved as well as determine whether the accident was the result of a motorist disregarding the speed limit, a drunk driver, or carelessness at a red light. The police officers involved will also be able to provide copies of the responsible parties’ driving record in order for the attorneys to determine whether they have a history of similar reckless driving.

  1. Seek medical attention.

The first place you should go after leaving the scene of the accident is to the nearest hospital to receive medical care. Whether you are suffering from serious injuries or a minor bodily injury, medical attention is essential. Having your injuries documented immediately after the car accident will help determine the outcome of your lawsuit. If it is on record that serious injuries or wrongful death was the direct result of the negligence of others, then the personal injury lawyer will be more likely to be successful in their representation of the injured party. In addition to having these medical records for the purpose of the lawsuit, it’s also important for the sake of your own health and peace of mind.

  1. Contact your insurance company.

Car accidents can result in serious injuries and vehicle damage, making insurance companies highly involved after an accident. One of the first things you should do after an accident is file a claim with insurance company, as they will determine whether your injuries and vehicle damage are covered under your medical and auto insurance. Since car accidents almost always result in a personal injury case, insurance companies will also provide attorneys for each party — the accident victims will be assigned a personal injury lawyer, while the responsible party will be represented by an insurance defense attorney.

If you do not have car insurance, you should be sure to look into receiving insurance coverage as soon as possible, as it’s essential to have in the event of an accident. Some of the most popular insurance companies in the United States include Geico, Liberty Mutual, AllState, and State Farm — most of which offer a free car insurance quote and can provide comprehensive coverage, car insurance, life insurance, personal injury protection, and more.

  1. Contact an attorney.

Once you’ve informed your insurance company of the motor vehicle accident, you will have to consult a personal injury attorney in order to bring your accident case to trial. A personal injury law firm provides injured people with the chance to receive financial compensation for the medical expenses and property damage which they have experienced as a result of the accident. A personal injury lawyer willasses your personal information, including your insurance policies and medical history to determine the chances of receiving full compensation and achieving the desired verdict of the lawsuit. If you’re in Colorado and find yourself the victim of an accident, there are plenty of personal injury lawyers in Denver. Retaining an experienced personal injury attorney who has years of experience in the practice area of personal injury law will help ensure that you can establish a great attorney-client relationship and achieve success in your personal injury lawsuit.

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