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    5 Genius Ways to Tricking Yourself Into Paying Your Bills on Time

    5 Genius Ways to Tricking Yourself Into

    You’re $100 short on your phone bill this month. The company won’t stop harassing to make a payment. This is the third time in a row this happened.

    What’s going on? Every month you fall short on your bills. You don’t want this to be you forever, do you?

    Let’s streamline our lives.

    Let’s face it—money anxiety is by far the worse anxiety we can endure. Things don’t have to be this way.

    If you are struggling and want to pay bills on time—you’re going to want to read this guide!

    1. Make a List

    Are you constantly losing track of what bills you have? It’s impossible to remember everything you owe. Having a list is a tried and true solution.

    When you write down your bills—your mind will be more at ease. No, you might not be able to pay for everything all at once—that’s okay! The point is to get what’s worrying you in your head onto paper.

    1. Give Your Bills a Home

    What does giving your bills a home mean? It means assigning a time and date for when they are due. If we don’t have an assigned due date—it is too easy to fall behind and accumulate debt—learn more here.

    We don’t want this to happen. Pay attention to your billing cycle. We want to pay bills on time.

    Try to sync your bills with your income flow. Say you get paid every 2 weeks—let’s set our bills on the 1st and 15th of every month.

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    1. Make Your Life Automagical

    Setting up your payments automatically is a godsend. Banks and apps today make our lives super simple. We can set how much we want to pay and on which dates.

    This will take the headache out of paying your bills on time. With technology, we can have multiple automatic payments. Again, it is best to align these dates with when you are paid.

    This isn’t completely off-hands, as we will want to monitor our payments.

    1. Simplify Your Money

    Have a place where you collect your bills. You don’t want these things to pile up and create problems for you in the future. Whether physical or online—have a designated place to pay.

    By organizing your bills in this way—you are making your life way simpler. We want to stay on top of things, not let them fall behind.

    1. Reward Yourself

    Set up a reward system for when you pay your bills ahead of or on time. By making bill payment more fun—you will want to do it more.

    When you pay your bills on time—you’ll have more money leftover. Use this to buy yourself a nice lunch or rent a movie—you deserve it!

    Aside from the tedious nature of paying your bills—we can make it a more pleasurable experience. It is important to remember to live life and not have our money control us.

    Use Our Guide to Pay Bills On Time

    Now you have a solid plan of how to pay bills on time. You ought to have a plan to organize and simplify.

    For tons of financial advice—be sure to read our blog! You don’t want to miss out!


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