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    5 Importance of Social Studies

    5 Importance of Social Studies

    Many subjects play an important role in the creation of a well-rounded education. One of the most important of all subjects is social studies. Social studies teaches kids many essential life skills.

    Improved Reading Skills

    Social studies classes often involve the close reading of many fundamental texts in order to glean meaning. Students are asked to examine historical documents and see what such documents say. 

    That helps them improve their overall reading skills. It also encourages students to improve their vocabulary and understanding of written material. Improved reading skills can be applied to other classes including English and science.

    Good Citizenship

    All students must become citizens capable of responding to the challenges they face as they grow up. They need to take their place as fully functional members of society. That means an understanding of how government works. 

    Social studies gives students the tools to know how society is governed. They learn the process of making laws. They also learn how laws have changed over time. 

    Students are given a chance to understand that they can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of people around them. That knowledge will enable them to contact legislators, lobby for change and speak out.

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    Varied Cultures

    The study of social studies is in part about studying cultures all over the world. The 7th grade social studies curriculum is based on the idea that students should learn about what other cultures all over the globe have to teach them about life. 

    Teachers today have access to many methods to teach their students including the use of Adobe Education Exchange knowledge and expertise. That lets them bring the world of technology directly to into the lives of their American students.

    Economic Understanding

    All American children need to emerge from their education with a full understanding of the modern American economic system. Social studies helps them understand basic life skills. That includes how to pay their bills as well as how to save money. 

    Students are also taught how to invest their savings in order to get to important life goals such as buying a house and eventually retiring. Social studies helps students make sense of capitalism and how it impacts their lives. 

    This is a great way for any student to get off on the right foot once they leave school.

    Knowing History

    History is hugely important. Events that happened many decades ago are still having an impact on the world today. Students are given a chance to understand how forces over time have shaped the world they encounter today. 

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    That kind of useful knowledge allows them to figure out their own place in it. For many students, this means the ability to trace their roots and get an understanding of what life was like for their family members a long time ago.

    Students who study social students get an education about many important aspects of human behavior. They also learn skills that will serve them well as they grow up.


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