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5 Reasons for a Car Break Down

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September 28, 2020
5 Reasons for a Car Break Down

It often happens when you least expect it. You’re driving along and suddenly your vehicle stops working. Or you may be leaving for work in the morning only to find that your vehicle won’t start, no matter what you do. If you have a battery charger, you may be able to restore power. But even then, how do you really know what’s going on under the hood?

Breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive, but they’re not always inevitable. When you have the right information about the essential components of your vehicle and why they fail, you can make an informed decision regarding maintenance and repair. You’ll also be prepared for any issues that arise so you can schedule service and find the right parts to get your car back on the road.

What Are The Reasons For Car Breakdown?

It’s definitely true that cars can break down unexpectedly for all types of reasons, but it’s best to rule out common causes first. These include:

  • Overheated engine
  • Dead battery
  • Bad alternator
  • Faulty starter
  • Damaged belts

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, which is why any issues with it usually lead to a breakdown. Engines overheat because the cooling system is unable to function correctly, which can result from clogs in the coolant hose, a leak, or problems with the radiator fan. Overheating causes steam to rise out from under the hood, which is often accompanied by a burning odor.

Batteries typically last between three and five years. At some point, deterioration of the battery prevents it from holding a charge. If you know how to how to jump start a car, you may be able to bring it back to life temporarily, but older batteries should be replaced as soon as possible. The alternator works in close conjunction with your battery by generating electricity to be converted into mechanical energy. When alternators fail, your car may not turnover at all, or it may take several tries to get it to start.

While the alternator takes power from the engine to charge the battery, the starter takes power from the battery and uses it to start the engine. Over time, starter components can wear down and cease functioning. The solenoid can also be damaged by high temperatures, which can cause it to smoke as it wears down. Serpentine belts, which aid in the function of multiple engine components, can also wear down as a result of age.

How Can I Stop My Car From Breaking Down?

The best way to prevent breakdowns is to properly maintain your vehicle. When you schedule regular tune-ups and other essential maintenance, you’re less likely to experience a breakdown since you’ll be aware of problems before they ever happen. You should also be proactive when problems arise. Ignoring a check engine light in the hope the problem will just resolve on its own is not the best course of action. A check engine light can point to all sorts of issues, including minor ones like a gas cap that’s too loose. It can also indicate serious problems, such as a failed catalytic converter, problems with spark plugs, or engine misfires.

Choosing quality parts is another way to stop breakdowns from happening. Always do business with trusted automotive retailers to rest assured the parts you choose will provide optimal function.

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