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5 Reasons T-Shirts Are Always the Perfect Gift

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July 15, 2020
5 Reasons T-Shirts Are Always the Perfect Gift

Every Christmas you struggle to find just the right gifts for family and friends. You struggle just as much for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, housewarmings, et al. But friends, struggle no more. A T-shirt is the perfect gift for literally any occasion.

Stop and think about it. T-shirts are as ubiquitous to modern life as cell phones and laptops. If you had the ability to peek inside the wardrobes of every person on the planet, it is a safe bet you would find two types clothing in all of them: underwear and T-shirts.

Still not convinced? Then check out these five reasons T-shirts are always the perfect gift:

1. T-Shirts Are Cheap

Let’s be honest about gift giving and budgets. Very few of us go into the gift giving arena with the ‘money is no object’ mindset. Most of us live in the real world of budgets. So even though the average American will still spend far too much this Christmas, prices still matter. And as far as that goes, you can’t beat T-shirts.

The simplest way to put it is to admit that T-shirts are cheap. They are so cheap that there is a California company stating as much in its name. That company is 5 Dollar T-Shirts. It doesn’t matter who you are. Spending just five dollars to get a great gift is a win.

2. T-Shirts Are Everywhere

T-shirts make perfect gifts because they are everywhere. You do not have to plan to get someone a tee. You do not have to shop months in advance or place a special order. You can go to any department store, grocery store, gift shop, or flea market and find more T-shirts than you know what to do with. That means you can wait until the last minute and still walk away with a great gift.

3. Everyone Wears Them

As previously mentioned, T-shirts are ubiquitous. Nearly everyone wears them. Even people who spend all day in business attire wear T-shirts on the weekends. Moms pair them with yoga pants; dads throw on a favorite tee with a good pair of shorts. Everybody wears them with their jeans.

4. T-Shirts Go with Any Style

Whether you buy cheap T-shirts or the most expensive ones you can find, they go with any style. Remember Don Johnson from Miami Vice fame? He made it cool to trade in a collared shirt and tie for a plain tee and a light sport coat.

Plain tees are perfectly suited to your formal ensemble. Tees decorated with pictures and lettering are suitable for everything and anything else: working in the yard, playing ball at the park, hanging out with friends at the bar, and even protesting down on the corner.

5. T-Shirts Can Be Customized

The best thing about T-shirts is that they can be customized. Your typical T-shirt seller can take a plain shirt and decorate it with a message you compose. You can order custom graphics that you designed yourself. You can mix and match with all sorts of pictures and slogans the seller has in his/her catalog.

The point is that you can customize every T-shirt you buy to the person you plan to give it to. Everyone on your gift list can get a personalized gift birthed out of your creativity and thoughtfulness. Your gifts will become the most sought after for every gift giving occasion.

Save the jewelry for people who can afford it. Let the kids give their grandparents neckties and potholders. As for you, stick with T-shirts. They are the perfect gift for every occasion.