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5 Reasons Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open

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April 15, 2021
5 Reasons Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open

As the most frequently used entry and exit point to an average residential house, garage doors are subject to everyday wear and tear. And thus, they often face functional issues or stop working altogether. 

From door misalignment to broken cables and torsion springs, there can be plenty of reasons behind the malfunctioning of your garage door. It is crucial to understand the common issues and the severity of the problem and seek professional help from garage door repair Garner NC. Here, we will talk about the most common reasons why your garage door won’t open. 


  • The Photo Eye is Clogged or Impaired


Most of the garage doors nowadays have a photo eye that helps to spot an object or a person blocking the door. This photo eye emits a laser till the end to ensure there is no obstruction. If the laser is interjected, the garage door will not lower down, and instead, pull in the opposite direction. 

Sometimes, the photo eye gets damaged or impaired with dirt. And this prevents the garage door from functioning adequately. 


  • The Remote Control is Faulty


Many times, the remote controller for opening the garage door may become faulty and stop working. This could be due to expired batteries or a damaged or blocked remote antenna. If this happens, check if the door is opening by directly pressing the button on the wall. If it does, there is definitely something wrong with the remote controller. 


  • The Torsion Spring is Damaged


This is a common garage door problem in old homes that necessitates professional help. Sometimes, the door does not lift even when the motor is running. In such a case, chances are that the torsion springs may be broken. 

In every door, there are a couple of torsion springs that facilitate its horizontal movement. But because of the frequent opening and closing of the door, these springs tend to expend their lifecycle and break, causing the door to stop working.


  • The Cables are Broken


Torsion springs transmit their power to the door via a cable. And if this cable is broken due to some reason, the door will not open. This is a risky problem that can bring the doors slamming down on the ground. This can cause immense damage to any person, vehicle, or any other object standing in the way. Thus, it is important to immediately seek professional help from garage door repair Garner NC in case of snapped cables. 


  • The Door Track is Not Aligned Properly


A garage door has metal tracks on both sides that enable its vertical movement. And these metal tracks must be properly aligned on either side to facilitate smooth operation. Any kind of bumps, gaps, or obstacles can disrupt the movement of the door. Make sure to look for any signs of friction or screeches and get them repaired quickly. 

These are some of the most common reasons behind the faulty functioning of the garage door. It is advisable to get expert help from reputed technicians to avoid any mishaps.