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5 Top Trends in Sustainability for 2022


According to GetSmarter, “sustainability is about acting responsibly now to safeguard our future communities and the environment.” The number of people who are committed to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle has increased year over year. They’re opting for plant-based milk, going vegetarian, and growing more fruits and vegetables at home. As we start this new year, there are some top trends in sustainability that experts are keeping their eyes on.

1. Impact-Focused Finances

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to tackle the climate crisis is by moving your money to organizations that are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. In the next year, more people will open accounts with ethical banks. In 2022, people will realize that banking is more than just a tree-planting initiative. It’s also about making a difference in the world and investing in sustainable projects.

2. Eat More Plant-Based Foods

The increasing awareness of the environment’s impact will continue to drive plant-based food’s popularity. Feeling frustrated with how governments and corporations are responding to the climate crisis, people are looking for new ways to make their positive impacts. One of these is by reducing their meat and dairy consumption. This year, experts think potato milk may try to steal the spotlight from dairy milk.

3. Companies Will Put the Environment First

In 2022, experts predict that consumers will start looking for more sustainable options in their grocery lists. According to Georgina Wilson-Powell, the editor of the sustainable living magazine, Pebble, people are becoming more aware of the products they buy. They’re also looking for non-plastic alternatives such as wood and linen.

4. Sustainable Fashion

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The pandemic gave people a chance to reassess their relationship with fashion. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, many people are now less concerned with fashion and are planning on keeping their clothes for longer. In 2022, people will be looking for a more eco-friendly wardrobe that’s longer-lasting and less expensive. They’ll also be more likely to shop for eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and organic cotton.

Secondhand clothes will become the first port of call when it comes to finding new clothes. Upcycling will also become prevalent as people look for ways to spruce up their old clothes. According to Wilson-Powell, the increasing popularity of sustainable fashion has been attributed to the Gen Z generation’s desire to shop and wear their values.

5. Circular Consumption Patterns

Due to the rising popularity of circular models, more people will start looking for ways to reduce their consumption and avoid further climate breakdown. This year, beauty companies will also be pushing the envelope by launching new products that are designed to keep forever. In 2022, we’ll also see several new initiatives that encourage people to repair and share goods. These will help rebuild community links.

Overall, mindful living is the trend that will play into all of the rest of the trends in 2022. The pandemic highlighted the importance of mental resilience and work-life balance. It gave people the opportunity to reconnect with nature and explore new ways to improve their lives. A study conducted in 24 countries revealed that over 60% of people now consider their impact on the environment more of a priority.


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