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    outdoor party games for kids feature

    Party games are often the center of attention when it comes to kid’s parties. But many adults underestimate the pure fun adult party games bring to the table. A party game brings out the laughs and eliminates the monotony.

    Whether you are after a low-activity party game for your adult friends or a high activity wild party game for kids, there are hundreds of novelty toys and games to choose from. For starters, here are some six best games to bring to a party.

    Adult charades party game

    The adult charades party game is a pack of suggestive innuendos that keep the party lively till late in the night. Be sure to put the kids to sleep before you start the adult game. During the game, teams take turns sending one of them to pick a card from the deck and silently act out the phrases. Then the other team shouts out the phrases until they guess the correct word before time runs out. If their time runs out before they guess right, the team has another chance to steal a card. 

    Drinking darts game

    Every player throws a dart on the board, and wherever it lands, that is their number throughout the game. Then the first player stands at a distance and throws three darts. If they land on their own number, they take a drink and delete one of their tallies from the board. If they land on the double, they take two drinks and delete two tallies, and if they land on a triple, they take three drinks and delete the tallies. 

    If the player hits your number, you take a drink and lose a tally. If they hit the bull’s eye, they chose a player to take a drink. The winner is the one who is left with tallies and has to take a drink for every remaining tally.

    Small beer bong drinking game

    The classic. The game has two teams or players with 6-10cups forming a triangle on the two sides. If the ball lands on the cup, the team drinks the beer and eliminates the cup. The winning team is the one to get rid of their opponents’ beer cups first.

    A year of sex card game

    This game gives the lovers a chance to explore 50 new sex positions. Every card comes with simple instructions and techniques. This one might be best saved for after the party.

    Tipsy tower shot drinking game.

    To play this game, you need to build your tower, load up your shots, and then use only one hand to pick out a piece. If the tower topples, you have to drink your shot as a forfeit. So the more the game continues, the harder it gets.

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    Shot glass roulette drinking game

    The game is characterized by a roulette wheel with several shot glasses around the wheel. Every glass has two numbers on them corresponding to two numbers on the wheel. Every player takes turns to spin the wheel and then drinks the contents of the glass. The game continues until all the shot glasses are empty.

    The final words

    Many things go into planning a party to make it memorable. Apart from people and food, integrating party games is the best way to leave your guests with unforgettable memories.



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