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6 Factors That Differentiate A Successful Printing Company From Others

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June 22, 2020
Successful Printing Company

In today’s competitive business world, running a successful printing company is about much more than printing high-quality products. In this day and age, print accounts for only 30 percent of marketing expenditures for any business. The rest happens online.

That small percentage attracts the likes of franchise printers, independent-and-local printing companies, and of course, online printers that function with web-to-print solutions

Online print businesses are rife with the competition simply because of how easy it is to set up a business online. Ecommerce software companies such as Shopify and Oberlo give budding entrepreneurs a platform, but they don’t teach the vital steps to business success.

Here are precisely six ways to distinguish your printing company from the rest and win customer loyalty:

 1. Maintain a high print quality

 Your customers’ designs on your web2print software website should be replicated in the top quality of the printed products that they receive.

Be sure to partner with the best print-and-ink vendors who work with quality materials so that your customers can be assured of top-notch products.

Whether they are ordering a set of brochures or a personalized t-shirt, the print quality should always stand out. Additionally, check with the vendors about whether they have restrictions such as maximum or minimum order quantities for any product.

Choose to work with a vendor that has the bandwidth to support your orders and present quality printed items in every order.

2. Ensure fast delivery

To boost customer satisfaction and retain them as regular clients, you need to ensure that all orders get delivered in a timely fashion. Please choose the right shipping vendors to partner with and verify that they provide to all the locations you want to cater to.

Make it easy for your customers to track the status of their order online and design an easy return and refund policy to help them get their money’s worth from your business.

If your shipping vendors have the capacity, you could offer next-day delivery of urgent orders for an extra fee. If you have deployed a web-to-print software solution on your website, you should be able to make separate user accounts for the shipping vendors who can then see which orders need to be shipped and delivered asap.

3. Deliver impeccable customer service

ractive your printed products are, you cannot develop a strong customer base unless your customer service is on point. In fact, about 75 percent of customers regard customer service as the true hallmark of a company’s competence.


Have a responsive support team in place which can be contacted by email, voice or chat, and endeavor to reduce the response and resolution time by as much as possible. You should also install an intelligent chatbot on your product customization software website to answer frequently asked questions and to guide new visitors through the site.

It is also essential to have secure payment systems and flexible cancellation and returns policy so that customers know their money is safe. At the same time, stay active on your company’s social media profiles and respond promptly to any customer complaint or query.

 4. Use technology, wherever possible

The more technology you incorporate into your printing business, the less you need to rely on repetitive and manual tasks. Your online print business should deploy an online print design software that includes a robust admin panel that allows you to instantly access all your orders, vendor accounts, and customer accounts.

It would help if you had complete control over your design templates, customizations, order processing, and website layout to make changes wherever needed. Design’N’Buy’s printshop software is worth a check.

In addition, design and refine your printing business website so that it offers the best possible browsing experience and is easy even for new visitors to navigate. If you are starting from scratch, your web-to-print software vendor can custom-build an online storefront for you.

5. Maintain competitive pricing

Along with high quality, the best way to win your customers over is by charging competitive prices that do not break the bank for your buyers. Negotiate with your print and shipping vendors to provide the best rates.

For instance, you could offer free shipping and delivery charges for anything above a specific minimum order value. You could also offer discounts on bulk printing orders for different products. Most businesses purchase printable corporate kits in bulk. You could accordingly strike a deal with your print and shipping vendors.

At the same time, remember to price your products to reflect the top quality of what you provide. Customers who value quality will always be ready to pay a reasonable premium for it. Always remember that! 

6. Provide readymade designs and templates

A successful printing business provides its customers with a wide variety of readymade templates and designs while allowing plenty of scope for customization, provided you use an online print design software. That would make your customers’ buying experience a lot smoother.

That is because they would be able to quickly tweak sizes, colors, fonts, artwork, materials, and other elements in the template and that they can place quick orders as needed. At the same time, you should have a fully equipped online product design studio to design their creations from scratch, if they so wish.

 Over to you

Whether you specialize in custom coffee mugs or offer a plethora of print products, the principles of running a successful online company remain the same. Customer service is everything, and if you can leverage the power of web-to-print to enable a prompt and smooth experience for your customers, there is nothing like it!


So, please keep the above points in mind when setting up your business and enjoy the loyalty and repeat purchases of your customer base. 

If you are looking for a web-to-print software vendor, look no further. Design’N’Buy can help! Just email us at  [email protected] with your requirements, and we will get back to you with a custom demo.