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6 Simple Diet Rules for Healthy Eating

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September 29, 2020
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A nutritious diet isn’t just the key to your weight loss goals – it is the essence of healthy living and wellness.

Beware of “healthy eating” myths and misconceptions, and follow these 6 simple diet rules that you can easily personalize to meet your eating habits and wellness goals.

  1. Never Skip Your Breakfast

Skipping their breakfasts is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes people do for the sake of diet. But on the contrary to their beliefs, breakfast is “the” most important meal of the day. Therefore, Rule No. #1 is to never miss your breakfast.

Essentially, the breakfast should be loaded with healthy fat, protein, and complex carbohydrates to help set your metabolism in motion. Throughout the day, a healthy breakfast will aid in improved vitality and cognitive function.

  1. Know What You are Eating

A nutritious and balanced diet should be fortified with proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, healthy fat, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients like calcium, iron, etc. Therefore, you should know what is there in your diet. Is it a perfect balance of all nutrients or you are eating too much of one thing and overlooking the other?

You can consult a nutritionist to understand which food contains what essential nutrients and how to spread these nutrients in your diet throughout the day.

  1. Count Your Calories

This is an important diet rule, especially if you have diabetes or obesity. Even for healthy living, nutritionists recommend having low-fat, low-calorie foods.  Probiotic-based Nucific Bio X4 curbs cravings reduces total calorie intake, boosts metabolism and energy levels and burns more calories to promote in weight loss. So, it is crucial to set a definite calorie count for the entire day and stick to it. Know how many calories you are taking in with each serving and adjust the diet likewise.

  1. Do Not Starve

Starving is a big no-no when you are planning a healthy and nutritious diet. Let’s get it straight – starving will not help you lose weight. In fact, it often backfires. Not having sufficient calories throughout the day may cause you to overeat at night.

On one hand, when you focus on skimping on food all day, your mind (and tummy) sets itself for a good eating treat on the other hand. The result: you indulge in a calorie-bomb dinner instead of enjoying a healthy meal.

An ideal diet rule is – eating three small meals and two snacks throughout the day.

  1. Cut Down on Sugar, Sodium, and Processed Food

Skipping sugar in coffee or limiting your salt intake with food is a right step towards healthy eating. However, that is not all. Unknowingly, you are consuming more sugar and sodium with your packaged foods and beverages. So, it is crucial to cut down on processed foods, which are ideally loaded with fat, sodium, sugar, and preservatives.

  1. Avoid Food with White Starches

When it comes to simple diet rules for healthy eating, avoid white starches and switch to whole grains. A carbohydrate-enriched diet is good for overall wellness, but make sure you choose browns. Limit your intake of starches like white rice, white pasta or white bread, and focus more on whole-grain foods like oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat.

The complex carbohydrates in whole grains are healthy and keep you feeling full for longer.

To sum up, the essence of healthy eating is a balanced & nutritious diet, and enjoying what you eat.

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