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    7 Non-Permanent Ways To Decorate Student Housing

    7 Non-Permanent Ways To Decorate Student Housing

    Once you start college, your student housing will be your oasis. This particularly true after a long day of activities and classes; be it extracurricular activities or a part-time job. This is the reason why you shouldn’t choose to settle for boring accommodation and do your best to decorate your room to achieve a homely feel.

    Finding a student housing that will suit you isn’t hard. Say you’re living in Australia, there are many options to take when it comes to your choice of student accommodation in Australia, like the ones you could find in the coastal city of Gold Coast. However, the real issue isn’t finding one but getting what you want in terms of design and ambiance. Sometimes the default designs and styles aren’t enough to satisfy your living and personal preference. 

    Fortunately, you could now choose to make non-permanent changes in your own chosen student accommodation. So, regardless of how small or big the housing you’ll opt for, surely there are various non-permanent ways to spruce it up to make it more inviting and cozier, while letting your personality shine through.

    Below are the ideas that can help you transform your student housing:

    1. Personalized Pinboards

    Big pinboards are a good way to keep your family and friends nearby as you settle in. Just print some of your favorite snaps and make a collage of memories with your dearest and nearest. Not only will cork boards add a personal touch and combat your homesickness, but they can also bring a colorful and quirky dimension to your space.

    The beauty of pinboards is, they’re highly customizable. It means photos with your new friends can be added easily to your collection.

    1. Purchase Lamps For More Light

    Whether you choose an on-campus or an off-campus student accommodation, lamps can help show off your taste. Depending on your preferences, you could start with one lamp first and add another one if your space is quite big.

    The great thing about lamps is, they’re best for emitting a more relaxing and much softer light compare to the glow the usual ceiling lights, which could sometimes produce bright light. In addition, a lamp is always the ideal choice for realizing a leisure paradise.

    1. Get Pretty Bedding

    Once you move into your student housing, it’s a good idea to bring a few homely essentials with you to add your personal touch and brighten up your room. If possible, use stylish bedding.

    Having colorful and beautiful beddings are probably the simplest way to introduce interesting patterns and colors to your new room and make it feel like your home without spending more.

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    Depending on what you prefer, you can get beddings with patterns or something with bold colors. If you’re following a theme, you might want to choose the ones that will match the rest of your decorations.

    1. Try Fabric Wall Designs

    Another classy and convenient way to decorate student housing is by using fabric wall designs like tapestry wall hangings. With their fabric design, they can soften your living space with rich color and texture.

    Plus, adding a tapestry could create a look that’s packed with flavors, which blend seamlessly into your room, regardless of your theme. Just pick the one with fierce patterns or bold designs to inject a spark of color and life into your room.

    1. Use Mirrors To Make Your Room Bigger

    If your room feels a little claustrophobic and stuffy, mirrors are your perfect options. The nice thing about mirrors is they can help you create an illusion of space. There are many stylish freestanding mirrors that can do the trick for you.

    Once placed in a perfect spot, mirrors can add more lighting and widen your space. Rich in style and function, using mirrors can reflect the room and will make it appear spacious. To give your mirror a glamorous finish, top it off with fairy lights around its edges.

    1. Get Plants

    A touch of green is always an excellent idea when decorating student housing. There are countless options you can choose from. For example, if you have a busy schedule and you’re not good at remembering to water plants, consider spider plants, aloe vera, and cacti as they’re easy to look after.

    You can also try decorating with fake plants if you’re not yet ready to be a plant parent. Just choose the ones that look realistic and something that will make your bedroom look great and vibrant.

    1. Consider Stylish Storage Solutions

    If the in-built storage of your new room isn’t enough, there are a variety of options you can consider when it comes to stylish storage solutions. From small clothes rails to colorful storage boxes, you can easily decorate your student housing while maximizing storage space with different self-standing solutions.

    Inconspicuous and inexpensive, organizers and hooks are some of your options to control clutter, providing a room and breathing space for your other decorations to flourish. You can also opt for stackable shelves and over-the-door folding storage to get more storage space in your student accommodation.

    Bottom Line

    There are other ways to decorate your room without losing your student housing deposit or causing any damage to the property. With the above tips, you can be assured you’ll be able to spruce up your college living space successfully. To get the best possible results with your decorations, try to experiment with your ideas and never hesitate to ask for recommendations or suggestions.  

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