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7 tips to help you choose the right rental home

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June 01, 2022
Right Rental Home

Renting a home can be a confusing process. All kinds of homes and layouts are available in different localities with multiple amenities. But, it all comes down to choosing the home most suitable for you. Can the process be challenging and daunting? Yes. However, if you know what you want, the challenges can reduce significantly. The following seven tips can help you in finding rented flats in Coimbatore that suit your needs – 

  • Essentials 

A home is not a home if it does not have proper electricity, water, and gas connections. These are essential for a comfortable life. Hence, your priority should be to ensure that all these connections are available in the flat. Ask the broker, owner, or even neighbors about water and electricity supply. Are there frequent power cuts in the area? Ask about specific timings for water supply. Try to choose a house with pre-installed connections and 24/7 access.

  • List and share your priorities.

The first tip for finding an Andheri house rental is identifying your priorities. You would be living in the house you rent for a long time. Even if you stick around for one year, you should have your needs met in the house. Hence, figure out and list what your priorities are. If you have a car, find out if parking is available. If you have a pet, find out if the owner would allow keeping a pet in the house. If you like inviting friends over for house parties, find out the need for permissions, if any. If you are working from an office instead of home, find out the distance you would have to travel daily. You can also list the need for an elevator, a high-rise apartment, a gymnasium/swimming pool within the society, or a modular kitchen if those are your needs.

Once you have listed your priorities, share them with your broker or use them to filter online searches. It will help you in finding a rental that suits your needs sooner. 

  • Know more about the neighborhood

An apartment is not limited to its four walls. The neighborhood, level of security, and the kind of people living around also make a difference. You will spend a lot of time outside your apartment, crossing neighbors and going in and out of your home. Hence, make sure that you are comfortable. If you are a single girl living alone and are uncomfortable living on the same floor as a group of bachelor men, consider that while choosing a flat. If you are a family, you may want to ensure that other families live around. The neighborhood is as crucial as the rented flats in Coimbatore

  • Explore the surroundings

No matter where you live, the surroundings will always exist. However, you want to be sure that you like and prefer the surroundings. Is your society on the main road? Are the surroundings too noisy? Maybe there is construction going on next door. Are there any markets right outside the locality? You must consider these factors. Another crucial factor about the surroundings is security. You must check if there are proper street lights in the vicinity at night. The access to public transport from the society must be checked too. All these aspects can create issues for you in the future, and you should explore the surroundings before renting a home. 

  • Can you customize it?

A broker may show you a house vacated recently. The color of the walls may be different to your liking. Or you may have specific preferences for decorating your home. You may not want pink and green walls as they exist. Hence, talk to the owner about potential customizations. The customizations may include repainting the house as per your color choice or putting wallpapers. It may also involve putting up furnishings that you may need. These customizations have to be permitted by the owner, and you can choose an Andheri house rental based on how necessary they are for you. 

  • Maintenance 

The maintenance of a rental home can be troublesome. It is necessary to clarify all the terms for maintenance of rented flats in Coimbatore with the owner in advance. These terms can include payment of costs as to whether you or the owner would pay them. Further, if you are renting for a long term, ask the owner about repainting in the future. Also, you should check the availability of electricians, plumbers, and other essential service workers around your society who can help with maintenance.   

  • Lease agreement 

Now that you have chosen a flat based on the above tips, it is time to sign the lease agreement. At the same time, most owners enter into a lease agreement for their safety and insist on signing if one of the owners defies the need for it. An agreement is necessary because it legalizes your rights and keeps the owner from vacating without reason. Read all the terms and ask for changes if any terms are excluded.

These tips can help you find a good rental home. Being sure about your choices helps in eliminating the options that don’t suit you and finding the ones that do. If your broker knows your needs, they will find appropriate choices. You can ease your search for a rental home easier by searching on online portals like Housing.com and using dedicated filters.