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9 Best Bong Brands of 2020

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September 07, 2020

Whoa! COVID-19 sucks. Best way to get through it? Bong it up and get high!

The good news is that you can still get high and follow all necessary COVID-19 safety precautions. Edibles are cool, pipes are cool, and joints are pretty legit, but investing in a good bong is a game-changer. It’s like a glove: you need to find the perfect fit.

Finding the best bong to get you through this roller coaster of a year is a task of its own, but there’s no need to fret. Behold! The 9 best bong brands of 2020 to help you get your bong on are down the rabbit hole below, in no particular order.

  1. Glow up With Glowfly Glass

Glowfly Glass’s warped neck bongs look trippy. Not only that, but their bongs for sale are super affordable for stoners on a budget. With most pieces around or under $100, you don’t need to worry about anything being too expensive.

While Glowfly Glass warped neck bongs look like a simple bong, you’re really taking a rip and a half with this one! Don’t underestimate this Arizona bong brand because it’s cheaper than most: the glass quality will leave you with lasting peace and a lasting piece.

  1. Bow Down to the Empire

Empire Glassworks is lowkey the best empire you’d ever want to be a part of. It’s got designs inspired by pop culture and dichroic glass.

Whoa, hold up, you say. What in the world is dichroic glass? Great question, young padawan. The glass changes colors. It was also developed by NASA. Whoa.

As you ascend to a higher plane, you can look at some awe-inspiring color-changing bong glass. Flip the lights on and off, and you’ll really be experiencing space travel.

  1. Zob Glass Isn’t Slob Glass

This glass is everywhere. As one of the more popular brands, you can’t go wrong with a Zob Glass bong. It’s designed beautifully and is well-crafted for good utility.

Whether classic or a beaker bong, it’ll do the job. It will also be pretty easy to keep clean. With COVID-19 running around, you gotta think about your bong hygiene too. Keep your bongs clean, friends!

  1. It’s Not Poison HVY

HVY Glass is another one of the best bong brands to consider. From bongs of style to bongs of science, you’re sure to have a good time. Not only that, but you can admire HVY’s unique glass designs while you’re at it.

The glass is either American- or German-made. It’s no Oktoberfest, but it’s an amazing piece of glassware to use and own. Give it a try!

  1. Be a Chameleon with Chameleon Glass

You might stick out though because Chameleon Glass is too awesome to ignore! Their Atmosphere bong series allows you to pick what you want your smoking atmosphere to be, depending on your preference for different swirling color designs.

Their pipes also rock. Pair a Pikachu or dinosaur pipe with one of their bongs to set the mood. From bubblers to your standard bong, you’re gonna get the job done.

  1. We’re All Mad Here With Mad Hatters Glass

Welcome to Wonderland. Mad Hatters Glass will get you through the journey, but we can’t promise it’ll be easy. Psych!

Mad Hatters Glass has an awesome sidecar bubbler that will make you feel as though you’re riding in a motorcycle sidecar driven by the Cheshire Cat. Well, maybe not that intense, but it’s still pretty cool and gets you feeling good!

  1. Gravitate Toward Grav Labs

No one denies that a glass gravity bong will send you soaring. That’s why Grav Labs’ has its Gravitron.

Not feeling up to the Gravitron? Grav Labs will also sometimes let you build your own bong. Long gone are the days of build a bear (well… maybe not long gone). Get a smooth hit with this one.

  1. Going Cuckoo for Goo Roo

Goo Roo’s insane back bong will have you leaning back from how good it hits. Their adorable straight ring bamboo bong might be glass instead of bamboo, but you’ll love this sleek design. It might even blend in at home.

This is a solid brand to look into purchasing, and it won’t break your wallet. That’s a win-win, to be honest.

  1. Get Thick With C2 Custom Creations Glass

This glass is thick! Prices range depending on what you’re looking for, but you can save or splurge on any of these savvy bongs.

Get a circleless percolator, recycler, or natural stemless look. There’s a reason there’s “custom” in its name: with so many different bongs to choose from, you’ll feel like you’ve customized them yourself. Check out this head shop to get started on your journey.

Boo to All the Others! These are the Best Bong Brands

It’s a tough decision to decide which of the best bong brands would be best for you. It needs to give you the kind of experience you’re looking for, or maybe it needs to reflect your personality or interests more. Either way, by exploring the nine bong brands above, you’ll find the right one for you.

2020 isn’t stopping for you, but you can take a moment to stop, relax, and take a hit. Any of the brands above will serve you well, padawan. Just take a deep breath and rest easy with your choice.

Whether you want to glow, gravitate, blend in, or just go crazy, there’s surely a bong there to meet your needs. See you on the other side!


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