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9 Best Patio Privacy Screen Brands To Choose From 

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November 09, 2020
9 Best Patio Privacy Screen Brands To Choose From 

We all want to be friends with our neighbors, but we also want them not to interfere in our personal space. It is innate to people to look or spy at someone, which is why this patio privacy screen came to life. Of course, we don’t want to feel uncomfortable in our own space because some people are snooping around.

This privacy screen guarantees safety to your family without sacrificing your desired style in your patio. You can now sip your coffee or dance in your garden without any awkward feeling that someone might see you.

Amagabeli Fence Privacy Screen

This green colored privacy screen is built from high-density woven polypropylene materials and guarantees that you can use it over time. It can be installed quickly and has 60 ties included. This patio privacy screen by Amagabeli is waterproof and perfectly fit for outdoor use. It measures 5’0 long and5’8″ tall.

ColourTree Brown Fence Privacy Screen

This breathable privacy screen from Colourtree features a 170GSM and 100% HDPE material (Non recycled). It undergoes UV testing and is guaranteed more durable than those that are made from recycled material. The brown color of this screen can add a natural vibe to your balcony.

Wencheng Outdoor Privacy Screen

If you love outdoor activities, this privacy screen will lessen your worry about sun exposure because it can block 95 percent UV rays. Material made from porous, this screen can be folded and very handy to use. Wencheng also offers a refund if you are unsatisfied with the product. 

Coolaroo Privacy Screen

This privacy screen features 90 percent UV rays protection and also has a cooling effect. The knit fabric material allows us to cool down the temperature by an average of 32 percent. This screen measures 12ft by 50ft. It is mold resistant, and you can use for ages.

Eden’s Leaf Privacy Trellis Fence

If you want to have a natural-looking fence, Eden’s privacy fence features artificial leaves that help in the sun’s harmful rays. This type of fence will substitute for real climbing plants that would take years to maintain. It is also 100 percent made from non-toxic materials and is also environment friendly. 

Sunnyglade Outdoor Privacy Screen Panels

This privacy screen measures 20″ x20″ per panel. It also features greenery perfect for your garden aesthetics. Each panel has 19 grids and makes it distinct from other brands available in the market. This screen is easy to install and will not require you to hire professionals.  

Cardinal Gates Outdoor Deck Netting

If you prioritize safety, you can never go wrong with the Cardinal Gates brand. It is best used if you want an added security at home and especially if you have kids. It is 36 inches tall, and material is made from plastic. You can choose from black or white color deck netting.

Our Sweet Home Privacy Fence Screen

This privacy fence features a 99% non-visible screen. It is also made of 100 percent HDPE material. It has many uses like protecting your plants from direct sunlight, for your pets, and your car. It can be used in weather conditions like snow, rain, the sun’s heat, etc.

SHOWIN Privacy Screen

Like any privacy screen brand, this brand’s primary purpose is to protect you from prying eyes. It is best used in condominiums and apartment balconies. It is available in Blue, White, and Multicolor stripes. It features a 90 percent visibility blockage and would also depend on the light condition in your area.


Our privacy is vital, and we should take care of it, especially when you’re at home. With the help of this privacy screen, you can do anything you want outdoors. Just choose the right brand that fits your home decor and lifestyle. If you wish to natural-looking fences, you can select those with greenery panels or those earth-colored fences. 


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