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9 Side Hustles to Try in the New Year

In Finance
December 15, 2020
9 Side Hustles to Try in the New Year

New year, new you – that’s the motto, anyway. But how can you ensure that you’re on the right track as we roll into 2021? One thing can help: a little extra side cash. As times get tougher and working people face more and more struggles, side hustles are becoming increasingly more important in many people’s personal financial picture – just research a little about the average net worth by age to see why.

So, this year, it’s time to focus on making your side hustle profitable. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some awesome ideas that you can use.

Drive for a ride share

The first is the most obvious: a company like Lyft or Uber can be a surefire way to earn a little money on the side on your time. Signing up is easy – just download the app and follow the prompts to get your car approved. 

Try meal delivery

Similar to driving for a rideshare app, meal delivery is a simple option that many people use to make cash on the side. It’s as easy as receiving an order, driving to your local takeout spot, and bringing some food to a customer! 

The best part is, they probably won’t notice if you sneak a fry or two!

Give dog walking a shot

It’s not all driving – did you know that you can also work as a dog walker? Dog walking apps allow app users to sign up and walk dogs from users who might not be able to due to other obligations. Just remember to be patient: as you can probably guess, these apps get very popular. You’re likely to face a good amount of competition before you can build up consistent dog-walking gigs!

Sell crafts online

Online craft stores are booming these days, as consumers grow sick of mass-produced products and want home-made wholesome gifts and goodies. If you have a fun craft, like crocheting, knitting, making jewelry, screen-printing, or some other cool crafty pastime, you can make some serious side-hustle cash by monetizing that hobby!

Freelance copywriting

In the information economy, content is king. Translation? Consumers care more and more about what they’re buying, the brand they’re buying into, and what lifestyle tricks they can learn to make everything a little easier. 

That means providing high-quality content has become a huge priority for plenty of businesses. If you’re a skilled writer, why not make a little extra side cash offering freelance content through an online freelancing platform? Some people are so successful that they even make this their full-time gig!

Take surveys & participate in clinical trials

Did you know that you can actually make money by taking surveys online? Plenty of companies hoping to learn more about their consumer base will actually pay you money just for filling out questionnaires! It’s not a ton of money, but it can definitely help when filling out your side gig portfolio. 

Medical companies trying out new drugs and methods can also pay you for certain clinical trials! If you’re adventurous, this can also be a great way to bring in extra cash. 

Part time bartending

Plenty of jobs can actually be done totally part-time. Bar-tending is a great option, because many shifts happen after work anyway, and you’re likely to bring in some serious cash through tips. If you’ve got a lot of energy, love socializing, and don’t mind staying up late a couple nights a week, part-time bar-tending can be a great side hustle.

Just be sure to look into official bar-tending training if you’re serious about pursuing this hustle. 

Rent out a spare room

Does your home have a spare room? You can use an online rental service to rent it out to vacationers, travelers, or anyone looking for a place to stay! Renting out a room can be a great investment as it helps cover the cost of rent or your mortgage, too. 

Tutor online

Lastly, if you’re a real whiz with academic topics, there are plenty of online services that allow you to tutor kids online. This can be a great way to earn money on the side while also doing something interesting and fulfilling – a win-win!

If you are not keen on teaching academic subjects such as Math and Science, you can offer to teach people a language instead. Virtual classes in languages other than English have become quite popular in recent times, so if you speak Italian for example, you can make teaching Italian online your New Year’s side hustle. But where do you start?

The easiest way to teach Italian online is to take advantage of the services of an online tutoring platform. Make sure that the one you choose gives you the freedom to set your own rate for the services you intend to offer, and the hours you want to work. Remember that this is just an extra source of income for you, so it should not take up too much of your time. Another consideration when choosing a platform is the requirements you need to meet before you can accept Italian teaching jobs.  There are companies that require tutors to have certain qualifications such as language proficiency certifications and professional experience in teaching. If you don’t have any specific certification, you can choose a platform such as Preply, that allows you to take on Italian teacher jobs without credentials.  

Take some time, make a pro-con list, and find the side hustle that suits your busy schedule a new year flush with cash!