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A Quick Guide For Sea Of Green Method For Cannabis Growers

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September 08, 2021
A Quick Guide For Sea Of Green Method For Cannabis Growers

What is Sea of Green (SOG)?

Sea of green commonly abbreviated as SOG is a method of planting many small cannabis herbs in close proximity per square meter of space. Cannabis grown usingthe sea of green method grows faster than the plants would have performed under normal circumstances.

Planting many small plants squeezed together maximizes yields because each plant gets equal support from the adjacent one.Consequently, all the plants grow uniformly to give a grower the harvest in a shorter duration.

Since an individual plant doesn’t get too big before flowering, harvest time comes at least two weeks earlier. A sea of green for marijuana plants means reducing the spacing from one herb to the other when the herbs are still young. Seasoned cannabis Sativa growers recommend beginners to read sea of green article to help them learn best practice.

The Basics of Sea of a Green Method

 The motivation of using the sea of green method is to raise short flower-focused herbs within a relatively short time. The method gets its name from the wall-to-wall green canopy that spreads in the planting area.

Typically, the method sprouts from clones or cuttings thus saving time toward harvest season. Growing cannabis from seedlings takesa longer time than cultivating from clones and cuttings. Select short genetics with short flowering time.

Cannabis potted plants are arranged close together to maximize space. The size of the jars and the spacing from one line to another depend on the preference of the grower. Larger containers carry more soil and raise better herbs. Large vessels need more space in between and take longer to fill the green canopy.

Lighting in Sea Of Canopy Method

The light exposure period for plants growing using the sea of green cultivation is extremely short. During the vegetative season, the light cycle can be as short as three days a week. Some growers may decide to extend light exposure for two weeks. Typically, growers add the light exposure hours soon the green canopy forms.

Consequently, each plant produces a single large flower instead of multiple small flowers on either side of the plant.

Advantages of Sea of Green Planting Method

  • Great harvest
  • Reduced labor during training
  • Harvesting is quick because the plants are concentrated in one place
  • On can grow many strains in a single crop season
  • Ideal for growers with limited space because the little available is maximally utilized

 Disadvantages of Sea of Green

  • Consumes more time watering because the grower must ensure every plan is attended to satisfactorily
  • Closely packed plants provide a thriving breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and mildew. If the air circulation is inefficient, the herbs get too leafy and weak.
  • Plants do not grow uniformly. Some may dramatically be too long, others too small depending on their position in the planting zone. This can be confusing and exhaustive if a grower has more than one strain in the limited space.

Sea of Green Method Takeaways

  • Understand the logistics of space and time
  • Choose shorter cannabis strains
  • Cuttings and strains give consistent growth and uniform canopy
  • The smaller the plants the faster a cultivator gets to harvest season.
  • Sea of green is an ideal method for commercial growers because the harvest is frequent, thus giving more yields from the total crop in a year.