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A Quick Guide to Medical Marijuana

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January 08, 2022
A Quick Guide To Medical Marijuana

In California, estimates are that 4.86% of the state’s population are medical marijuana patients. As state laws continue to change, most states have at least some part of the population using medical marijuana. 

If this is something you are interested in, it’s critical that you know a few things before you buy medical marijuana or use it. Let’s take a look at what these things are.

What Are the Different Types of Medical Marijuana?

When you are looking at marijuana products you’ll be met with a wide variety of forms. Some people choose to smoke it. Smoking allows you to feel the effects quickly. However, it might cause damage to your lungs.

Vaporizing marijuana is also fast-acting. It also makes it easier to choose the exact strain of marijuana you wish to intake. Current research shows there is less risk than smoking, though the full extent of vaping is not yet known. 

Other people choose edibles. This gives a variety of tasty options to choose from. You can pick chocolate bars, baked goods, lozenges, and more. Edibles are also a helpful option for many because you can choose a specific dose when buying your edible. 

Tinctures and sprays are portable and simple options. They work quickly, in
under an hour. Depending on your marijuana dispensary and your health
goals, topical creams and balms may also be an option. These are
applied to the skin of the affected area. Talking to someone at your
local dispensary can be helpful. You can find a disepnsary near you by
searching for dispensaries located in Maryland .

Pills may be a good option if you don’t want to taste anything. They look similar to supplements and are easy to swallow. Plus, pills tend to have a more accurate dosage and be cost-effective when compared to edibles.

Legality and Prescriptions for Medical Marijuana

The legality and process of obtaining medical marijuana will depend on your state. Just note, it is not legal on the federal level. Check the medical marijuana laws specific to your state before you attempt to purchase any.

In order to purchase medical marijuana, you need to be in a state where it is legal and get a card or prescription allowing you to buy it. You need to get a prescription or diagnosis of a condition from your primary care physician. 

Write down their contact and your diagnosis information. Then, you’ll need to find a medical marijuana prescription. They will not diagnose you, so you need to have your diagnosis available before. Schedule an appointment and fill out the appropriate forms.

Next, you’ll need to go to your appointment with your doctor and answer some questions. It will probably cost between $25-200 for the visit. Afterward, your doctor will give you your prescription or card.

How to Buy Medical Marijuana

After you have your card or prescription, you can purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary. You can search for a “dispensary near me” for a local option. Be sure to read reviews so you choose a trustworthy one such as Harvest House of Cannabis.

Your dispensary will walk you through the new patient process. It will most likely include a few forms. Next, you’ll need to wait your turn to purchase, which will need to be done in cash. Just make sure to stay on the conservative side of dosing based on your prescription if you are new. 

Know the Basics on Medical Marijuana

If you are planning to buy medical marijuana, you need to know the process as well as how to use it. This will help you have a much smoother process of obtaining and using medical marijuana.