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Amazing Ideas to Decorate your New Home During Pandemic

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August 15, 2020
Amazing Ideas to Decorate your New Home During Pandemic

Did you just shift to a new house before the lethal virus took over the entire world? well. it is obvious that you might be home locked because of the restrictions imposed on movement all over the world and would have little or no time to buy the best decorations for your new home.

As per the data of leading national moving companies, hundreds and thousands of people found themselves at a new home right before the international lockdown was imp[used because of the lethal coronavirus. These people had their stuff delivered but were not allowed enough time to buy other things required for home decoration and improvement. if you are one of those people, this post is exactly what you want to read today

We have created this post keeping in mind the limited supply of items that you will have at your home and can easily get from the market to make DIY items that can be used for home decoration amid pandemic.  as you cannot spend your time anyway other than being home locked, why not try these fun tips and make amazing home decor items for your new home.

Here are some of the best things you can recycle from your existing stuff:

Glass jars for flower arrangements:

go to your kitchen and open the cabinet to look for glass jars that you no longer use. we are sure you will find plenty of them. There is a great way you can use these jars for home decoration.  Moreover, there is a minimum of no effort required for this recycling project. All you need is a glass jar/ mason jar and some jute rope. take the glass jar and wrap some rope in its neck along with a loop that can be used for hanging it. add dry flowers top it or fill it with water and add some real flowers and hang this arrangement in your living room.

Wall clock from a plate and spoons:

Your kids will love this craft. if you have an old and dying wall clock at home, it is a great idea to convert it in a new clock using waste or easy supplies available at home. What do you need to do? we’ll take a handful of paper plates and paste them one over another. you will get a hard plate now. stick disposable spoons on it like the number in the clock (1-12). add the clock apparatus from the old clock at the center of your arrangement and color the plate with decorative colors. There you have your renewed clock ready for your kids’ room.

Honeycomb wall decor:

You will need some colorful paper, cardboard, glitter paper, scissors, glue and a lot of skills to make this craft. cut honeycomb shapes on different types of paper, preferably in a color scheme and paste these papers on similar shapes of cardboard. you will have thick cutouts now in a beautiful color scheme. hang these cutouts in a schematic design on any wall of your living room and have an inexpensive yet luxurious appeal to the wall.

Fabric LOVE hanger:

An easy and cute DIY idea is creating a fabric heart LOVE hanger. you will need a variety of fabric, some cotton, cardboard heart cutouts, jute rope and marker. cut a heart shape on the fabric and stitch it in a way that you can fill it with cotton later. cut and make four such pieces and fill them. now cut smaller heart shapes on cardboard pieces and write LOVE, one alphabet on each heart. stick this to each heart and then stick the heart on the jute rope to make a hanger. When you use the right fabric and design, you will get a cute wall hanging that looks amazing.

Bottle cap basket:

if you have drunk a lot of beer lately, you will have a lot of caps. use these caps to make a small decorative basket for the dining table. to start the project, blow a balloon to a medium size and stick bottle caps on it towards the outside. you must use a highly adhesive glue for it. Once you have covered half of the bottom area of the balloon,  burst it and the basket will be ready.

There are a number of ways you can use the existing items in your home to make amazing home decorations during the pandemic. These are only a handful of ideas which we found interesting. use your creativity and recycle the waste to get some of the best things for different rooms. We understand how frustrating it can be to sit at home with a lot of plans to decorate but no way to execute them.  learn how to channel your stress and invest your time on these amazing and creative craft activities.



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