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    Beginner Golf Playing Tips to Live By

    Golf Playing

    Did you know that in the United States alone over 100 million people play golf? If you’re not one of those, you may be thinking about learning how to play golf!

    And if you’re not already thinking that, it may be time to start. Here’s why: it’s a recreational sport that you can play for years to come while enjoying nice weather, good company, and refreshing drinks along the way.

    If this sounds like a blast to you, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Here are a few beginning golf playing tips you want to know before hitting the links.

    Take Lessons

    If you are serious about playing golf, taking lessons is not a waste of money. Even if you choose just to take a few, you can learn the basics of how to swing a club, what clubs to use when, and how to shoot for accuracy.

    Odds are you’ll love the lessons and keep taking them so you can learn to get better at playing golf over time.

    Know Your Etiquette 

    Golf is one of those sports that comes with a lot of etiquette that you need to know on the course. Here are a few things to know to get you started:

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    • Do not talk when someone is swinging
    • Do not walk across someone’s line on the green
    • Be ready to hit when it’s your turn so you don’t hold up the players behind you

    There are many other etiquette basics you should know before going out with other players. Brush up on them here

    Look Classy

    When hitting the golf course, the last thing you want to do is show up in jeans and a t-shirt with a beaten-up golf bag with a few clubs in there.

    If you’re serious about becoming a golfer, you need the best golf gear. You can get help figuring out which clubs are right for you from irons to drivers and woods. When you choose your golf bag, make sure it fits your clubs, balls, tees, and any other miscellaneous items you can foresee yourself bringing on the course.

    Find Your Rythym

    If you’re just starting out, it can be easy to try to kill the ball. But this most likely won’t get the ball where you want it to go. Instead, finding the right tempo and rhythm of your swing can help you hit the ball more smoothly. Practice at a range before you go out so you can get this down!

    Be Patient

    Golf is a sport that can go right one day and completely wrong the next. Be patient with yourself – it can take a long time to get good. It’s also all about having fun, so make sure to enjoy your time on the course.

    Beginner Golf Playing Tips

    With these tips, you’re ready to step onto that first tee box and get started with learning how to play golf. And remember, it may be difficult at first, but the longer you play golf, the more you’ll learn and be able to teach others, too! 

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