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    Benefits of Integrating Video Conferencing API and SDK Into Your Existing App

    Benefits of Integrating Video Conferencing API and SDK Into Your Existing App

    With video conferencing becoming the norm in the post-COVID reality of remote working, many businesses nowadays are looking to move on from off-the-shelf solutions like Skype and Zoom and build their own video conferencing solution.

    Having your own video conferencing solution can offer various unique benefits from the ability to use your own logo and branding elements, as well as inserting custom features/functionalities whether to provide more value for its users (your partners and/or customers) and to stay compliant to specific regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. 

    In doing so, the said business can either build its own video conferencing application from scratch or integrating a video conferencing API into an existing application. Here, we will discuss the benefits of the latter. 

    Why Building Your Video Conferencing App From Scratch Is Easier Said Than Done

    Building your own video conferencing solution from scratch would technically provide the most freedom and versatility. However, there are some core challenges to consider if you want to build a video conferencing app whether on your own, with an in-house team, or with an outsourced company: 

    1. Cost-efficiency

    Hiring an experienced software developer or outsourcing the development to a third-party service can be (extremely) expensive. Especially if you are not planning to use the video conferencing app commercially, then the investment might not be worth it in the long run. 

    1. Long delivery times

    Even if you do have the budget to develop your own app from scratch, it’s difficult to estimate how long it would take to build, test, and launch the video conferencing solution. This is especially true if the app must stay compliant with certain regulations, which may lead to even longer delivery periods, higher production costs, and added expenses. 

    1. Data Security

    Video conferencing will naturally involve transmissions of a lot of information, potentially including confidential and personally identifiable information. When building your solution from scratch, you’ll also need to consider data encryption and security at both database and end-user levels. This can be a difficult and expensive process. 

    As we can see, building an enterprise-level video conferencing solution from scratch can be challenging and expensive. Ensuring development complexity can instead put your business’s more important projects on hold, and even hinder your regular operations. 

    This is where integrating a video conferencing API can be a better option in many different aspects. 

    Integrating a Video Conferencing API

    What Is a Video Conferencing API?

    API stands for Application Programming Interface. In a nutshell, it is a programming code that acts as an interface, a bridge between two or more different applications. The API will “teach” an application how to access the other application (the one providing the API). In practice, this will allow an application to use another application’s features and functions without any development process. 

    In the case of a video conferencing API, we can allow a custom-made application with our brand logo, brand colors, and custom features to get video conferencing functions from an established video conferencing API integration

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    As we can see, integrating a video conferencing API essentially provides businesses the opportunity to get their own video conferencing solution without the lengthy and complex software development type, which can produce various benefits that we will discuss below. 

    Benefits of Integrating a Video Conferencing API

    1. Quicker launch

    This one is fairly obvious. By integrating a video conferencing API you’ll completely eliminate the process of setting up, testing and launching your own solution from scratch. You’ll also avoid the hassle of hosting and managing your video conferencing app, which can be a major hurdle for your business. 

    This, allows you to launch the video conferencing app much faster.

    1. Reduced expenses

    You’ll save a lot on development costs by integrating a video conferencing API than building a solution from scratch. When integrating a video conferencing API, businesses can pay a one-time cost or fairly affordable subscription fee, and don’t have to worry about ongoing hosting and maintenance fees. 

    1. Reliable functionalities

    When integrating a video conferencing API from an established service provider like Iotum, you’ll gain access to a reliable, battle-tested set of features and you don’t have to worry about hiccups and errors. From good-quality vendors, you’ll also get AI and machine learning capabilities, which can reduce the costs of hiring experienced AI developers and designers. With Iotum, for example, you’ll gain access to Cue, an AI-powered personal assistant that can automate meeting transcriptions, over other advanced features. 

    1. Better Data Security

    As discussed, data security should be your topmost concern when building a video conferencing app. Using an established video conferencing API ensures data security and privacy are secured. You can simply launch the video conferencing solution right away without having to worry about the integrity of confidential information. 

    1. Maintain Business Focus

    This is especially true if your business’s focus is not software development. Integrating a video conferencing API or SDK can allow your business to carry on with your daily operations and focus on achieving your organization’s goals rather than sparing your internal resources for building the video conferencing app.

    End Words

    Integrating a video conferencing API can allow your business to gain access to video conferencing functionalities on your own application while eliminating the complex and lengthy software development process. 

    Doing so can provide your business with the versatility and freedom of building your own solution from scratch: using your own logo and brand colors, adding custom features, and so on but you can also save development costs and especially, time. 


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