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Best Age for the Kids to Start School in Gurgaon

In Education
September 27, 2021
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Children these days start school education very early compared to older times. Some schools start accepting the students once the child turns 2.5 years old. A lot of parents struggle to ascertain the right time for the kids to start school in Gurgaon. In absence of any serious pre-established indicators, one cannot say for certain if the child is ready to join the school as early as 2 years old.

Childhood is a very impressionable phase in a kid’s life. While starting school early is believed to have some advantages, one cannot rule out that the child should be emotionally mature enough before they hit classrooms.

Studying in a school is a relatively new change for all the kids at the beginning. It is for the first time that they are left outside the comfort of their homes by their parents. Every child is different, however certain pre markers can help us understand if the child is ready to accept the change. It is not easy for a child of a tender age group to learn and adapt to share space with other kids in the school. The child must start reflecting on self-control before the parents introduce them to the classroom ecosystem. 

There is much research that suggests that waiting for the right time to admit kids in the schools has a positive effect on their growth spectrum. Most of the school board are not in unison with the concept of age criteria, While some prefer to admit them early, the other wants to wait till the child better matures for this decision. This is a catch-22 situation for most parents. Especially for the budding parents who do not have prior experience in rearing children. 

So what is the right age for the kids to start school in Gurgaon? Let us discuss them one by one.

There are ascertained pointers that the doctors have issued for identifying the children. The criteria here is to assess the mental and physical growth indicators of the kids.

2-3-month-old child: This is the ideal time when the child starts responding with basic gestures. They begin to smile back when the parents or close known family members smile at them. 

3-4-month-old child: This is the phase when the child starts holding their neck every time someone takes them in the lap. 

7-8-month-old child: This is the first time when the child starts to sit without taking any support. This is an indication of them learning to control their motor skills.

11-12-month-old child: By the time they turn 12-months old, it is the time they start to stand without support. Many kids also start to try to briefly hold the posture and walk without the support of their parents.

The parents must follow their indicators as markers of growth during their initial year. 

2-3-year-old child: Time for preschool

Once the child turns 2 years old, they start to reflect certain key attributes. They begin to explore their learning skills owing to their curious nature. The first steps of information learning begin at this time. Some of the indicators are:

  • Start expressing themselves by talking in their language.
  • They are interested in colorful objects and start identifying colors and patterns in books. 
  • In an attempt to learn the language, they start repeating the words. This commonly happens when you read a story to the kids.
  • They can identify various body parts. The child can also point to different body parts when asked about them.

Kids in the age bracket of 2 to 3 year age group are most suitable to be admitted to a preschool.

3-4-year-old child: Ideal for nursery schools

Once the children turn 3-year-old, they magnify most of the skills they have acquired during the Preschool age.

  • The child begins to use their claws and legs in more complex activities due to an increase in physical strength. They start playing with the ball and practice throwing it as well.
  • They can as and reply to simple questions like name, class, parents name, etc
  • They are also able to manage their work. One basic example is to see them manage their toys in one place. 

5-6-year-old child

As the children turn 6-year-old they begin to perform various activities on their own. They no longer require supervision to take care of simple tasks. Wearing clothes, tying knots, walking unattended, the child demonstrates excellent retention power during these activities.

They can eat their food and are good at following instructions. The kids start to speak and pronounce complex words with less difficulty than before. This happens as the child begins to start reading simple sentences. 

This is the time when they are more mature than ever. Judging by these parameters, it is safe to say that  6 years is the best age for the kids to start school in Gurgaon.