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Best East Coast Cities to Live in 2022

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November 06, 2021
Best East Coast Cities to Live in 2022

Did you know that the East Coast has some of the wealthiest states in the country? That’s why young families and couples are rushing to move to these areas. But it’s not just the upscale living and oceanic views that attract so many people to the East Coast.

It’s also the great job opportunities and fast real estate market. So if you’re thinking of moving to this area, keep reading to learn about the best east coast cities!

1. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge is one of the best east coast cities because of its many attractions. For starters, the popular Harvard Square sits right in the middle of Cambridge. This area has some great eats, wonderful boutiques, and great neighbors!

Kendall Square is also another great place to visit in Cambridge. This square has some of the most successful startups, making it a great place for young professionals. 

Cambridge also has a great number of historical monuments and buildings. For example, the Mount Auburn Cemetery, Longfellow National Historic Site, and Tory Row.

But of course, Cambridge is most popular for Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A fun fact about this city is that it was named after the University of Cambridge in England. 

Cambridge sits north of Boston, and right across the Charles River. The city’s population is about 118,403, giving it the title of the fourth most populated city in the state of Massachusets. Boston, Springfield, and Worcester have also been deemed populated cities in Massachusetts.

Overall, this area is mostly made up of college students and established families. So the housing market in Cambridge can be very competitive.

Most apartments for rent in this area sell rather fast and so do family-style homes. So if you want to live in this east coast city, act fast!

2. Norwich, Vermont

Norwich is another one of the best east coast cities to live in. This city in Vermont has a lot of influence from New England. This city is filled with historical buildings such as the historical town library, Beaver Meadow Union Chapel, and the Maple Hill Farm.

The area also has a lot of cultures and a great city life. The banks of the Connecticut River, hold many great restaurants and shops. The area also has scenic views, plentiful trees, and historic roads.

The population in this great town is about 3,599. So if you’re looking for a quiet and small town, consider Norwich, Vermont.

Lastly, the real estate market in this area can get competitive. So have a plan of action when you find a potential home!

3. Farmington, Connecticut

If you’re on the search for major east coast cities with a mid-sized population, look no further than Farmington, Connecticut. This beautiful town has preserved many of its historic buildings.

For example, the Deacon John Hart House, the Asa Andrews House, and the Rev. Joseph Washburn House are all historic sites in Farmington. 

There is also a lot of attractions like the Hill-Stead Museum. And if you’re a lover of nature, the Canal Heritage Trail and Metacomet Trail are great places to hike!

The area also has a lot of corporations for well-known companies such as Otis Elevator Company and United Technologies. So if you’re looking for a change in careers, then Farmington could be a great start!

4. Westport, Connecticut

If you’re wondering where to live on the east coast, then consider Connecticut. More specifically, Westport, Connecticut. 

This area is great for those who are active and love the batting life. The shoreline in this area has some immaculate fresh fish, great boating docks, and friendly neighbors.

And there’s also a nice culture hub in downtown Westport with the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts. And if you’re hungry, catch a bite at one of the many restaurants along Compo Beach. 

The population in Westport sits at about 27,840, making it a perfect medium for those who want a little pace without too much commotion.

5. Weatogue, Connecticut

Weatogue is a very tiny village, located a few miles away from Simsbury, Connecticut. Weatogue also sits near Hartford and is considered to be part of the Farmington River Valley. 

This small village has a lot of outdoor recreations such as hunting, fishing, and hiking at the Talcott Mountain State Park. Lastly, there is a small cultural hub at the Simsbury Meadows Performing Arts Center.

6. Clemmons, North Carolina

Many east coast USA cities don’t have the charm that Clemmons city has. This area has a great southern flair with a historical touch. This town is mostly known for its great eats, fun museums, and shopping centers.

Clemmons also has a variety of nature trails. Not to mention, it’s closely located near the Yadkin Valley, the original viticultural region in the US. So if you’re a wine lover, you’ll certainly love this area.

7. Winter Park, Florida

Last but not least, we have Winter Park which is north of Orlando, Florida. This area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida. And for good reason!

Winter Park has an array of fun activities. For starters, the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art has some great attractions. And there are also over 70 parks in the area.

So if you like hiking, biking, and fishing then Winter Park will be perfect for you. This area also has some great bars for any beer and wine lovers!

Start Your New Life at One of the Best East Coast Cities

Now that you know about the best east coast cities in America, you can start looking for your new home! Remember, a lot of these areas sell fast, so act quick!

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