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Best Online Casino Games

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January 20, 2022
Best Online Casino Games

For gamblers who cut their teeth playing in casinos at tables with real dealers, cards and dice, the transition to playing at an online casino isn’t always that easy, especially without other players around and other different aspects of the games. 

Some games are virtually the same, while others offer a very different wagering experience than what is found in a physical casino with a variety of advantages and drawbacks for the bettor.

While there are some online casino sites that offer access to a live dealer, those are rare, primarily due to the expense associated with operating and broadcasting that type of gambling experience. 

The standard for most online zodiac casino mobile app operators is a virtual environment that uses an algorithm to as closely as possible replicate the odds for cards, dice or balls to react as they would in the real world.

The most reliable online casino operators ensure that their games are audited for payout percentages so that players can depend on getting similar results than what they experience in a physical casino. 

However, anyone that has played both virtual and physical versions of games can attest to the fact that on long term sessions, they perform similarly but in shorter stretches the live games behave with a bit more volatility.

There are a number of popular casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker, three card poker, slots and Let It Ride, but some are more realistic online than some others. We’ll take a look at several online games and give some insight to how they compare to the experience in a physical casino.

Slot Machines

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With most slot machines now digital and offering a large variety of options in a single device, the experience of sitting in front of a PC with an internet connection doesn’t provide much difference from playing in one of the over 1,000 physical casinos in the United States. 

Usually even a larger offering of games can be available online as well as a wide variety of wagering denominations, from one cent to whatever the online casino feels comfortable accepting.

Slot machines are the most profitable games for casinos and depending on the location, are regulated differently with some having to guarantee a minimum payout of all wagers. Some online casinos publicize their payout percentage, while others just leave it up to customers to decide if they get enough back to keep returning to the site.

The way many casinos reach that payout figure is by offering a large jackpot to a very small percentage of players, while most other patrons end up with long periods of play where they slowly give back their entire stake. From an online versus physical perspective, however, there is very little difference and any veteran casino slots player will be very comfortable in a virtual environment.

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Video Poker

The very nature of video poker is that it’s a computer generated game and the online casino version is virtually identical to what a player finds at any physical casino location. As much as experienced video poker players would like to believe it’s more like real poker than it is a slot machine, the opposite is true, with payout rates computer generated and managed.

There are strategies for playing the different game offerings, whether it’s Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or multi-hand play, but the algorithms for a machine located at the bar in a Las Vegas casino are pretty much the same for online casino sites. 

If anything, online experiences might actually be better than in casinos, with technology making it easier for more options available in the virtual environment than in a single machine that is constrained by memory and other limitations.

The primary advantage for players migrating from the physical casinos to an online casino for video poker is the familiarity with the user interface and the feel of the game. An important tip is to pay attention to the odds paid out for certain hands, as many casinos offer a big jackpot for a royal flush, while paying lower odds for other hands, making it difficult to maintain play for longer periods of time with hitting a royal an unrealistic goal.