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Best wedding invitation templates

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January 12, 2022
Wedding Invitation

Are you planning your wedding? It must be pretty stressful and exciting for you, but to include all your friends in your happiness the first thing to do would be to create the best wedding invitation templates. In this article, we will share with you the best ideas for invitation templates. 

Whether you are creating a custom wedding invitation suite or getting some ready-made cards, in all cases, you need to learn about tending wedding invitation cards. These are to be done with great care while considering a few things. In this article, we will share with you a few ideas that would go for each type of wedding so let us get started. 

Templates for simple cards 

Wedding Invitation

So the first thing that we think everyone would be thinking about a wedding card would be simplicity. No matter how grand your wedding occasion will be, still, most sane people consider the simple cards, as after all, it would be a wedding and for them, the most important thing will be the wedding event itself. 

Moreover, simple cards will be the best card template ideas for people who do not want to give gossip to their colleagues and distant relatives. By simple templates and wedding invitation suites we meant those cards that only have the necessary information on them. There would be no extravagant things, like the flowers, some shiny papers, or some other gifts with the wedding card. 

Here are a few ideas for simple cards for wedding invitations. 

The bold letters 

It will be the simplest wedding invitation. For this card, you only need a good base colour, then choose a font colour and design. Simply write the wedding invitation on the front page. Then add the wedding details, and you are good to go. 

Elegant but simple 

Now the next simple card would be one like the royal card. It will be a bit expensive, you might need to spend some money on the quality of the paper. If you are going for a digital card, then you will need different types of flowers, and elegant colours to make the background and borders of the card. It will be a pastel colour card so that it should not reflect any extravagant vibe. 

The bold colours card 

Next in the simple invitation templates would be the ones with bold colours, these colours would be any but you need to choose multiple colours to give a vibrant look to the card. However, you will not be getting a decorated card. Only the colours will be an attractive spot on the card. 

Templates for a destination wedding 

Templates for a destination wedding 

Next, we have the destination weddings in trend. Thanks to the easy transport now people can easily arrange the destination weddings. Now to create the perfect destination wedding invitation you need to spend a lot of money, not for the decoration, but for the number of pages that would go for each card. 

As the sender is supposed to share all the relevant details. If you are following some design, then the designer will have to add those to all the pages, be it a long card of three to five pages each. You need to mention the lodging venue, then the venue of the wedding, then the timings for each event. 

Also, you are supposed to tell them about the expected expenses they will be making. Also, let them know who is going to pay for their tickets, and all other details required. 

For the card, you can have the front photo of the destination. It is to make the card an exciting-looking invitation. You can ask some of your friends living there to take some unique pictures of the venue, or you can get some from the internet to create the invitation. 

Templates for the Great weddings 

Great weddings will require a wedding invitation that should have all the details. If you are a celebrity or a businessman who wants to show the pomp of the wedding prep, then it would be better that you go for the cards that have more pages, some glittery designs, or some floral ones too. You can mix and match two formal wedding invitations too.