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Boosting Construction Sales for Your Contracting Business

Boosting Construction Sales For Your Contracting Business

Did you know that the US construction industry will grow by 3.7 percent this 2022? This twofold increase from 2021 meant more construction sales and fiercer competitors.

The construction industry is unlike what it was decades ago. With more contracting businesses emerging, using old sales practices can be your downfall.

Are you looking for a way to boost your construction sales and become a frontrunner? Read these six strategies in selling for contracting businesses to get started.

1. Understand Your Target Market

Before starting plans to boost your construction sales, you should first understand your clients. The best boost construction sales strategies begin by identifying the right target market. Doing this allows you to determine your standard customers and their fields.

Check all the contracts you have over the past five years. After that, you can have an accurate client record. It will help you recognize potential long-time repeat customers.

Once you finish compiling your database, you can spend a few days searching and gaining leads. To make things easier, you can use a database tracking software system. You can then sort your clients by needs, potential, and even project type.

Unlike before, customers are more cautious and won’t make quick investments. While this prevents scammers, it makes it harder to get construction sales. Because of that, an in-depth understanding of your target market is crucial.

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Sales are easier to get when you know what services your clients want.

2. Establish an Effective Marketing Plan

The main component to boost sales for construction projects is planning. Creating a solid marketing plan will help you increase your construction sales. It needs to be consistent and systematic.

One-time marketing strategies will not get you a loyal following of customers. Your marketing process should be able to hold your customer list for at least three years.

Another way to get more contracting sales is to have an organized sales process. Most contractors do great work, but they often forget about their sales.

Your plan must cover all the processes from the first client contact to the project’s closing stage. Using an organized sales plan makes deals easier to define and follow.

Remember to hold sales strategy meetings every quarter. It will help you analyze if your plan is best in getting better contracting sales. These meetings also allow you to identify issues and find solutions faster.

3. Set Up Meetings with Your Clients

A well-prepared marketing plan is nothing if you don’t get signed contracts. Make sure that you set up meetings with your customers from the get-go. You can start setting meetings by having a consistent mailing program.

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This program will help your clients familiarize themselves with your company and services. You can make customize letters that will explain why you’re the best choice for their project. Also, add a follow-up call as soon as possible.

First client meetings are an opportunity to get your prospect as a long-time client. When your client finds your offer and proposal enticing, they will keep meeting up with you.

Suggest a meeting that will last up to 20 minutes to discuss their needs and concerns. During these meet-ups, always keep your ears open and answer all their inquiries.

When preparing for your proposal, make sure to use a lot of visuals and photographs. Clients find these proposals more appealing and easier to understand. Taking them out to a job site is also an effective way to boost construction sales.

4. Facts Are Everything

Your first client meeting is also a fact-finding session. It’s also the time you and your client ask questions and look for ways to solve their concerns. In this meeting, being factual is essential to make them long-time clients.

Use the time to ask relevant questions and understand how they do business. Aside from that, contractors also need to listen to their concerns. Listing them down can help you find easier ways of solving these problems.

Contractors can also use this time to clarify the contract and costs of the project. In most cases, inaccurate cost estimates disappoint clients. It prevents them from signing another contract with you in the future.

To solve this, you can use Cost Certified to provide an accurate cost estimate for the project. That way, customers know the actual investment they need for their projects.

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5. Get Customer Trust and Build Credibility

After meeting your clients, start gaining their trust and building your credibility. The best way to do this is by presenting a fool-proof proposal. Ensure your clients that you can fulfill their projects within the timeline.

Ensure them of your capabilities by showing case studies and customer testimonials. These reviews will help increase customer trust and company credibility.

Setting up regular meetings throughout the project will also help. It keeps your clients up-to-date with the project. It also shows that you see their concerns as a priority.

This positive experience would make them want to entrust future projects with you. During the entire sales process, follow up with them every other day. Keep showing your dedication to your clients and their concerns.

6. Start Using Cloud-Based Software and Technologies

Another way to boost construction sales is to use cloud-based software. They also offer you an easier means to manage your sales and projects. Depending on the software, you can also use it to maintain customer relationships.

Apart from that, they’re also software tailored to address construction sales needs. With the use of effective cloud-based software, you can control interactions. Moreover, it also helps you find winning project bids.

Using construction business-specific software also comes with a mobile app. It makes you gain access to any project information anytime and at any place.

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It’s one of the most convenient solutions to manage your sales and increase profits.

Construction Sales Strategies You Need to Know

Getting more construction sales can be a challenging task. It becomes more difficult if you have no idea how to boost your contracting sales.

But with these seven strategies, you can keep getting better contracting sales. Not only that, but these tips can also get you a more loyal clientele.

Did this guide on construction sales-boosting clear your concerns? Get to read more content like this by checking our other blog posts on other relevant topics today.


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