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    Cable management and why it is so important

    Cable management and why it is so important

    There’s no doubt that the coronavirus has precipitated a change in how we live and work, with remote working having become increasingly popular throughout the UK.

    In April 2020, for example, an estimated 46.6% of people in employment did at least some form of work at home. Incredibly, up to 86% of this number did so directly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with this trend likely to continue even as case numbers begin to dwindle.

    In this post, we’ll look at the importance of cable management when creating your home office, while asking what proactive steps you can take to minimise the number of loose wires within this space.

    Why is Cable Management so Important?

    Even on a fundamental level, effective cable management enables you to maintain a safe, tidy and navigable workspace. 

    This applies to both home offices and larger workspaces, particularly from the perspective of eliminating tripping hazards and keeping employees safe from often unseen risks.

    This is a deceptively important consideration, with reports suggesting that a staggering 46,080 people were injured as a result of simple trips and falls back in 2016 alone. So, by organising your workspace effectively and keeping your cables hidden away, you can minimise risk in the office and always keep yourself as safe as possible.

    You can also argue that effective cable management makes it easier to maintain a clean and tidy workspace, which studies suggest allowing you to adopt a greater level of focus and efficiency. 

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    This works from the perspective of common sense too, as working in a clean and tidy environment minimises the risk of your being distracted by objects or unnecessary clutter. This naturally translates into higher and more consistent levels of focus, which in turn boost productivity and your individual profitability over time.

    Why Cable Management Starts with Your Choice of Hardware

    In terms of proactive choices, you can also lay the foundations for effective cable management through your choice of hardware.

    For example, it’s now possible to invest in a growing number of wireless keyboards and mice in the current market, each of which utilises the type of non-rechargeable batteries supplied by RS Components.

    Increasingly, these pieces of hardware are available at similar or cheaper prices to wired alternatives, so in some instances, you can invest in more manageable accessories that also save you money.

    By making the right purchasing choices when equipping your workplace or home office, you can automatically reduce the risks posed by tripping hazards and make effective cable management far easier going forward.


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