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CBD Pre Rolls Vs. Oil: Which Is The Better Option? 

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November 25, 2020
CBD Pre Rolls Vs. Oil: Which Is The Better Option? 

One of the most divisive substances in the world is cannabis. It is a well-known drug, used by various cultures throughout history. Its origins are in Asia but it is now found worldwide through various means of cultivation. People back then used it to commune with the spirits or as an overall cure for some diseases. 

However, the modern world has found another use for it, and the plant became dangerous in the eyes of authorities as you can read here: https://www.drugs.com/illicit/marijuana.html

The main reason why it is still considered illegal in many countries is its addictive and psychedelic properties. They are having issues controlling the production of the drug, thus it is better to just ban it altogether than study it. 

For the longest time, cannabis is the most popular drug of choice in the world within various age brackets. However, it seems that there are changes that happened at the turn of the century which made a difference with this product.

Cannabis For Medicine

Through the efforts of various research and medical teams, it has been found that there was a reason why cannabis is used as a medicine. The findings all pointed towards cannabidiol, a compound that is richly found in the plant’s extracts. It is the one compound that is considered medically useful by experts because of its ability to influence the nervous system. 

There are many forms to choose from if you want to use cannabidiol. It is such a versatile product that you can use it however you want. However, there are two major ways to do it: Through oil or the dried leaves themselves. 

The former is the more popular choice, as you can see with most shops these days. It is usually full of canisters containing CBD oil, and this is the easiest way to use the compound as well. Why is this the case with this particular form?

Comparison And Contrast

CBD oil is the most accessible form of cannabidiol because it is relatively easy to reproduce. Even though it does involve a lot of processes, the extract is the most important part. When it comes to leaves, there are a lot more nuances to be observed like the quality of the leaves and their appearance. With the oil, the only thing that matters is its source. As long as it is of good quality, the appearance does not matter all that much anymore.

On the other hand, there are more and more people who are into the leaves especially when they are already pre-rolled. It is considered as the classic way of using cannabis; by smoking blunts, it feels that you are still using the full blast of said plant. However, these CBD pre rolls are already devoid of other compounds found in cannabis; you can get more details about it here. As a user, it can be a different experience to smoke these rolls instead of just using the oil.

Aside from the experience, there are other advantages when it comes to using pre-rolled stuff. For one, the effects are faster since it travels directly to your bloodstream. The respiratory system is just the gateway, and the processing of CBD is faster here compared to the digestive system. This also means that you can feel the effects of the substance immediately while smoking it. The oils might be more versatile, but blunts are always a better option for some people.

Meanwhile, there is also the idea that you are getting more CBD out of smoking than just taking in the oil. However, there is another argument about cannabidiol getting dispersed through the air if you smoke. In the end, it all comes down to preference, as some people like it like they used to with cannabis. 

Meanwhile, others might be aversive to “smoking” it because of previous experiences. Also, having lung issues might exacerbate because of the aforementioned activity.

Whether you are using oil or rolls, it is still important to know how much CBD you are going to intake. There are a lot of benefits to this compound, but there is still the danger of misusing it. Overdosing might not be a problem for most people unless you have an underlying medical condition. Check with your doctor to see if you can use either of the two forms.