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    Choosing the right Razer Gaming Mouse

    Choosing the right

    For playing computer games, the user has to react quickly and accurately to be able to score points. Hence a high accurate quality mouse is required, which allows the user to place the mouse at any point on the screen. So avid gamers are interested in purchasing a high quality mouse which they can use for gaming. Razer is one of the most reputed manufacturers of gaming products, especially gaming mouse. Some of their gaming mice like the Razer DeathAdder are the top selling gaming mice in the world. Many avid gamers would like to find out the razer gaming mouse specs which is most suitable for them.

    One of the main considerations while purchasing a mouse is whether a wired or wireless mouse should be purchased. The wired mouse is usually connected to the USB port of the computer while the wireless mouse is connected via Bluetooth to the computer. The wireless mouse requires AA batteries for the power supply, and this is an additional cost while using the mouse. Also the Bluetooth connection may not be reliable which could affect the mouse connection. For a wired mouse, the user range is limited, and he can only use it when it is connected to the USB port and kept on a flat surface. So if reliability is a major consideration, a wired mouse is preferred.

    One of the features of the optical mouse is the DPI of the optical sensor which is used. For the inexpensive models of the razer mice costing $49.99, the resolution is usually 6400 dpi or 7200 dpi. On other hand, the most sophisticated top end models have an optical sensor with 16000 DPI or more. Another feature of a mouse is the number of buttons in the mouse. In some of the mouse, there are only two buttons, while other models have up to seven buttons. These buttons in some models are programmable, and the gamer can choose the number of buttons based on his requirement while playing games.

    A major consideration while purchasing a wireless mouse is the battery life of the mouse. This is important because the batteries will have to be replaced or recharged when they are drained. Many of the popular mouse models have a battery life of 350 hours, while those who have lighting have a reduced life of 50 hours only. So if the computer user is using the mouse for ten hours or more daily, the battery will have to be replaced fairly frequently. When the battery is getting drained, the performance of the mouse will also be adversely affected. Only a few expensive models of wireless mouse use Hyperflux technology and do not require a battery

    Some gamers prefer to purchase a mouse with lighting. The lighting used in the mouse is LED lighting of different colors and helps if there is less lighting in the room. The lighting zone of the mouse can be customized in the more expensive models. The ergonomics of the mouse should also be considered if the user is planning to play games for many hours, since some mice are designed to reduce the strain on the wrist and wrist pain.


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