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    Convert PDF Files To Word On Any Device

    Convert PDF

    If you are asked to convert PDF files to Word, fret not – as you can easily do so these days on any device. We are at a time where the power of the Internet literally can make anything happen; that’s why it’s very important to have a reliable connection. For employees and students worldwide, here are general instructions to convert PDF to Word on whatever device you may be holding:

    On any device

    Browser-based applications like PDF Bear are all the rage in PDF editing these days. If you ever search “how to convert PDF to Word” in any search engine right now, thousands of web-based PDF editors will surely come up. You don’t need to have a standalone software to do this anymore because all you have to have is a browser and an Internet connection – literally.

    Whatever device you have in front of you – if it has a Chrome or Safari or even Mozilla Firefox and you have WiFi or data to spare, you can convert PDF to Word on it! The choices for PDF editors abound, and it will be your preference for what to use. But here are the general instructions for when you want to convert PDF files online:

    1. Go to PDF Bear’s site. Or any PDF editor site of your preference.
    2. Once the site is loaded, head on to the PDF to Word tool, take note that every conversion is done on a different tool, so when you want to turn an Excel file to PDF, you’d need to pull up a different application.
    3. Upload the PDF file you want to convert into Word. Wait for it to upload before starting the process of conversion fully. Side note: Don’t worry about your uploaded files being insecure, as these files are usually deleted after an hour or so from the site’s servers.
    4. If you want to make the resulting Word file editable, pick the conversion with an OCR function.
    5. Wait for the resulting file to be available for download. Pro tip: If you want to convert the Word file to PDF again, you just have to re-upload the file on the Word to PDF application and follow the same instructions.

    On a work computer or laptop

    There are two ways you can do PDF conversions on a desktop or a laptop. The first one is the most common, although not the quickest way to go about it:

    • Find a third-party PDF reader and editor – free and paid ones can be downloaded off of the Internet.
    • Install the application on your system.
    • Open it.

    Once you got the application going, you’ll need to open the file in question and search the menu bar for the convert option.

    The second option you have is browser-based PDF editors. This will mean that you don’t need to go through the process of identification, downloading, and installing – you just pull up your browser then follow the instructions from above. Most of the time, browser-based conversions are easier done on a desktop and laptop as you have more space and faculty on where your files are.

    On a smartphone

    When the device in front of you is a smartphone, the options you have for PDF editing don’t necessarily lessen. You still have two great options – browser-based PDF editors and app-based ones. Although, with limited screen to work on, PDF editing and converting may prove more finicky in smartphones than when done on a laptop. Not to worry, though, as most PDF editing sites have optimized their sites for most phone screens.

    With app-based PDF editing, you’ll need to go to your phone’s App or Play Store, find dedicated PDF apps and download them. Take note that the free ones may or may not have the conversion feature that you want, so be wary of that. Paid ones generally are safer to download, but if you’re strapped for cash, research on the powerful, free PDF apps to download!


    The tips listed above will not only make your life more convenient, but it will also save you time from researching and looking for ways to take on PDF conversions. Remember that the device in front of you – whether it is a smartphone, a laptop, or even a console, can do the most when connected to the Internet. So make the most out of your devices now!

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