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Easy Guide On How To Use Vaporizers For Dry Herbs 

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February 19, 2021
Easy Guide On How To Use Vaporizers For Dry Herbs 

You’ve taken a liking to dry herbs as a natural remedy for chronic headaches, muscle strain, and mind-shaking stress and fatigue (or maybe you just like the “calm” these organic goodies are known for). As a fish out of water in vaping.

How To Use A Vaporizer

Warm It Up 

The first step to using a dry herb vaporizer? Power it on and set it at the temperature you prefer. This will be dependent on the kind of portable vaporizer you have. There are two types, strictly speaking within the context of temperature settings— ones that have fixed levels and ones which can be adjusted anywhere between the vape heating chamber’s minimum and maximum temperature capacity. 

Expert advice tells us that vaping noobs should go with the first. We’re speaking of vapes that are comprised of at least three temperature levels: Low, Medium, and High. Newer models may have different (and more interesting, even borderline funny) names for these three settings. Nonetheless, they basically mean the same thing. 

Digital vaporizers have the option for raising and/or lowering the vape-temperature by numbers. For instance, you can set it anywhere between 160 degrees to 220 degrees. Specifics about this detail in number 2.

Set The Temperature

First-time vapers are strongly instructed to start low. A “low” temperature should be your starting line. That’s equivalent to the 160-degree minimum we mentioned earlier. Why? Because the higher the temperature prepped for the vaporizer’s oven, the more intense the vapour that will arise from it.  here is a guide from https://getfurna.com/ for you to efficiently use a dry herb vaporizer, and vape like a pro. 

Those who are not used to drafting with high vape-temps will risk getting an intense whiff of it. This may result in you feeling dazed. And not in a great way. Another is that this will cause your respiratory system to reflexively expel the vapour. In other words, you will be coughing uncontrollably, for a few seconds to a good minute or two. 

Leave the higher temperature levels for later on, once you’ve already “mastered” the art of vaping. Yes, we like calling it an “art”. 

Slow And Low Heat Is The Way To Go 

When you “take a draft” or inhale the dry herb vapour through the vape’s mouthpiece, do so as though you are breathing in a light (and happy) sigh of relief. Slow and long goes a good vapour inhalation. Too quick you’ll be back to choking on the product as you try to expel it by coughing it out. And essentially, wasting it. 

Hold Your Breath, But Only For A Bit

Once you’ve taken that slow-inhale, hold the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds before releasing it. This is to “savour” the aroma of the hemp and allow the effects of its active ingredients (mainly Cannabinoids and Tetrahydrocannabinol) to be initially felt. That initial “kick” of a relaxing whiff, coupled with an amazing fragrance. 

This shouldn’t take too long so don’t overthink and/or exaggerate this basic motion. We don’t want you to be too preoccupied with holding your breath rather than with relishing the aromatic marijuana vapour.