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    If you’re shopping for an  Emblem Health Insurance plan or looking to compare different health plan options available in New York, then we can help.  Vista Health Solutions is licensed and contracted with all of the major health insurance companies in New York state, including Emblem. With Vista Health, you’ll find reliable health insurers with quality health plans. We make finding and comparing health insurance fast and convenient.

    By entering your zip code in our quoting engine above, you will find all the plans available for you including Emblem Health health.  Compare the plans side by side, and if you need any assistance, call our customer service department (888)215-4045, and our representatives will gladly assist you.

    About EmblemHealth

    Established in 2006 when GHI (Group Health Incorporated) and HIP (Health Insurance Plan of New York) were acquired. They work together to provide health insurance coverage to over 4 million New Yorkers. Emblem Health members have access to over  92,000 providers. They offer health insurance products such as POS plans, HMO plans, and PPO plans. Aside from the various health care products, they also provide disease management programs, claims processing, customer care, grievance and appeals resolution, Medicare enrollment processing, and telesales.



    Emblem Health

    General Contact Information 

    If you would like to contact emblem direct. below are the most common departments or visit them online.


    • EmblemHealth Member Services 866-274-0060
    • HIP Members 800-447-8255
    • Medicare Advantage HMO 877-344-7364
    • Medicare Advantage PPO 866-557-7300
    • GHI PPO/EPO Members, including New York City and Federal Employees 800-624-2414
    • GHI HMO 877-244-4466
    • New York State Exchange Marketplace Members 888-447-7703
    • Medicaid and Child Health Plus Members 855-283-2146



    EmblemTypes of Health Insurance Plans Sold by Emblem Health

    Being one of the most flexible health insurance companies in New York, Emblem offers the following plan types which allow their members the ability to balance cost and freedom. For a description of each plan type, be sure to visit our health insurance FAQ page

    • HMO
    • POS
    • PPO
    • EPO



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    EmblemEmblem Health Insurance markets 

    Emblem sells (or provides) health insurance plans to the following markets throughout New York State


    • Individual Health Insurance
    • Group Health Insurance
    • Catastrophic health insurance
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid
    • Child Health Plus
    • Essential Plan

    Special Programs offered by Emblem Health 

    Health Insurance companies often provide discount programs to its membership. Below are the most common discount programs offered by Emblem.


    • Access to Registered Dietitians
    • Jenny Craig Discount Program
    • NutriSystem discount program
    • Vitamins and Natural Supplements
    • Health Club Membership discount
    • Massage Therapy
    • Acupuncture Therapy
    • Hearing Care
    • Vision Affinity Discount Program
    • Laser Vision Care
    • Other Health Care Services Products & Wellness Resources



    EmblemComplaints against Emblem and Other Health Insurance Carriers by consumers

    Every year the NYS Department of Financial Services ( DFS) receives complaints from consumers against their health insurance company. Complaints usually involve issues such as payment, reimbursement for medical and hospital care, coverage related matters, network usage, benefits relative to usage, rates, and premium related matters. This is the most recent annual complaint table from 2018 which was filed in 2019.  This table was information from the New York Consumer Guide to Health Insurers

    Emblem Health is the parent company of Group Health Incorporated (GHI) and Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York (HIP)


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