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Five Reasons to Make Mental Health a Priority

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June 03, 2021

Numerous studies suggest mental health should be treated with the same urgency as physical health. A lot of people overlook their mental health and there are many reasons for that. There’s a stigma to admitting that you have mental health issues. While this judgment is starting to diminish, a lot of adults are embarrassed to admit that they have anxiety, depression, and other issues that impact their daily lives. In fact, 44% of millennials have said that they needed to take time off of work due to stress or anxiety.

Embarrassment is not the only issue. A lot of people don’t see competent counselors or psychiatrists because they simply don’t have the means. It’s not covered under their insurance or the cost is high. Some people simply don’t know how to find a counselor or psychiatrist. They’re embarrassed to talk about their issues, so they don’t seek out help. Many people simply believe they can suffer through it or get over it. But the truth is that you’re not alone. A high number of people today are battling different mental health disorders. And there are affordable ways to find treatment to help you manage your mental health for a better quality of life.

And that is the bottom line. If you don’t address these issues, they don’t go away. You might need medication or counseling, but the symptoms you experience won’t fix themselves. For many people, it will get worse over time if they don’t seek treatment. Finding ways to manage and improve your mental health will also improve your quality of life.

Let’s look at five of the top reasons to make mental health a priority.

5 Reasons to Make Mental Health a Priority

Mental health isn’t one thing. Your mental health can be impacted by your environment, your own physiology, and your relationships. There are external and internal aspects of your life that can influence your mental wellness. Maintaining your mental health should be viewed as an ongoing journey, much the same way you view your physical health.

Here are the top reasons to make it a priority:

  1. Mental Health Impacts Your Relationships. Issues like depression and PTSD can have a profound impact on the way that you build and maintain relationships. Even less serious mood swings can affect the way that you interact with others. This can include all of your relationships, from coworkers to romantic partnerships.
  2. It Impacts Your Self-Confidence. Many mental issues can lead to negative self-talk and an overall poor view of oneself. This can lead to a cycle where your internal negativity makes your mental health situation worse. If you’re dealing with depression or anxiety, your poor perception of yourself makes your depression more intense or spikes your anxiety levels.
  3. Your Mental Health Can Impact Your Physical Health. Mental health issues often give you actual physical symptoms, like aches and pains or fatigue. Depression and other mental conditions might impact your appetite, making you eat more or less than you should. There are any number of side effects that your mental health can have on your physical well-being.
  4. Your Mental Health Can Make You Less Productive. Think about how much energy you have when you’re in a good mood. People are more productive and have a higher mental capacity overall when they are mentally healthy. This is one reason that many companies and HR professionals are adding mental wellness to their lists of benefits.
  5. Your Mental Health Impacts Your Quality of Life. Dealing with a mental illness or condition often means that your quality of life suffers. It’s difficult to enjoy activities when you’re stressed or upset. As most people do experience some mental health issues in their lifetime, it’s important to find ways to treat them so that they don’t hinder your ability to thrive.

How to make mental health your priority

Even if you haven’t experienced serious mental issues, you will likely need to deal with some form of stress or depression in your lifetime. It’s important to recognize the symptoms and find ways to balance your mental wellness. There are affordable and convenient ways to schedule an appointment around your schedule to speak with a psychiatrist or counselor. You might want to have a one-time appointment to check in on your mental wellness or set up regular counseling sessions to help you.

Services like PlushCare can help you find a doctor, schedule a same-day appointment, and even provide a doctor’s note for work. Finding a counselor doesn’t need to be difficult. Make your mental health a priority for you.