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GogoPDF: The Best Online PDF to JPG Converter Right Now

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November 19, 2020
GogoPDF: The Best Online PDF to JPG Converter Right Now

Nowadays, many PDF converters are available on the internet. It is tough to choose from them as they offer almost the same features as the others. This guide will help you identify why GogoPDF is the best online tool for PDFs and how to convert PDF to JPG using this platform.

Why is GogoPDF the Best PDF to JPG Converter?

Not requiring any app installation is what makes GogoPDF the most efficient online PDF to JPG converter. But it does not end here. Below are five of the best features GogoPDF has to offer.

Top-Notch Security

GogoPDF tops the list of online PDF converters in terms of security. It provides a fantastic encryption feature that will help you convert PDFs with ease. You do not even have to worry about privacy, as this platform will automatically delete all the shared files after an hour. The system will leave no trace behind, assuring your data has been permanently removed. 

Compatibility and High-Quality Conversion Results

GogoPDF is very well-known worldwide for its compatibility. It works well on any computer running the major operating systems and any Android device. It also provides high-quality conversion results, making it one of the most reliable PDF tools.

Easy Steps on Converting PDF to JPG Using GogoPDF

Converting a file using GogoPDF only requires four easy steps. Here is how you can use it. 


  • Visit GogoPDF’s Website


One of the best things about GogoPDF is that it is a cloud-based platform. So, to access its cloud servers, you have to visit its actual website first. Run your computer or Android device’s internet browser and type in ‘GogoPDF’ on the search box. Select the first link among the results to navigate on the platform’s home page.

From there, find and click on the ‘PDF to JPG’ online tool located on the screen’s middle part. The keyword is placed inside of a red rectangular box. Once you are redirected, you can follow the next procedures below.


  • Upload your PDF Document


There are two options to upload your PDF document. The first one is for people using computers only. Drag the file you want to convert from your desktop’s folder and drop it to GogoPDF’s uploading box. The second option is for both laptops and mobile devices. Click on the ‘Select Files’ button and choose the PDF from the file explorer or file manager.

The uploading speed depends on how stable your internet connection is. It usually takes less than a minute. After that, you can begin customizing your PDF file.


  • Start the PDF to JPG Conversion


Once you are done uploading, GogoPDF will automatically scan if the uploaded document is in PDF format. The system will then process the conversion and turn your document into JPG files. You can select specific slides and extract them as JPG images or automatically convert all pages into JPG formats.

After selecting pages to convert, click ‘OK’ and wait for the process to complete. Once it is done, a link will be generated in a brief moment and available for downloading.


  • Download and Save the JPG Files to Device


To download the JPG files, click the generated link and wait for a little while. After the process, your files will be automatically saved to your computer or Android device. You can also create a copy to your Google User Drive or share it via email and social media platforms. All in all, the whole procedure only takes as quickly as two minutes or more.


GogoPDF will always be one of the best PDF to JPG converters of all time. It will continue to help and provide free services for you.  So, share this guide with some of your friends and let them know the best PDF tool online.

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