Goodbye Digital Folders, Welcome Photo Book

We all have memories we wish would never be erased from us, regardless of age. Whether it is your pregnancy you have been documenting or your vacation trip to Disneyland, letting the images stay untouched in digital form will not serve them the justice they deserve. You can opt to turn your cherished moments into photo books. Do not worry if you do not know how to make one; Mixbook has got your back. Thanks to Mixbook’s various templates and designs, you will have steps turning your journey into a perfect story in more than words.

However, there are a few considerations:    

Pick an easy template you can work with

Your photo presentation can either bring your best art forward or kill your creativity. There are specific arrangements that you will look at and get amazed at how creative someone is, thanks to templates. Whether you are looking for an editing foundation or a completed design to showcase your photos, it is possible to give your pictures a five-star experience.

One advantage of working with a template is the flexibility it offers. You can mix and match your images, create a customized layout, or edit a design to fit your presentation needs, not only for your current work.

Printing your photos

No one goes through the hustle of photo selection and creating a pictorial story to hide it in a folder. The aim is always to share exciting memories with friends and family. Therefore, printing out the photos should not be an option. Before printing, you should ask yourself which paper you need your photos printed on. Depending on the paper you choose, you have a choice in classic, premium, and luxurious stationery.

What are some narrative ideas you can share with your loved ones?

Do not aim at having a perfected story. You can play around with a mix of themes that are unique and customized with an exciting experience. Whether it is travel documentation or your family Christmas, you can never miss an idea to build-up on. Some of the ideas you could use as inspiration to tell your narrative include:

Family traditions

Is there a family tradition that you have witnessed for a long time or are you planning on one? Having all these photos compiled in one narrative and bringing them to your family gathering can be a great way of reminiscing your memories and witnessing every participant’s growth.


Imagine your mom telling you about her journey throughout the nine months. Nine months of pregnancy has several transitions. Start with the bump’s growth every month, the sonographic images, and the excitement during gender revelations, not forgetting the baby shower. You can decide to gift your spouse on their day or to your child on her wedding or anniversary.   

Senior year

No phase wraps up your high school years like a senior year. There are so many moments you can capture during the senior year. From the prom dates to graduations, you can never miss an astonishing moment you spent with your friends.

Do not let the digital era let your exciting memories lie in folders. Tell your narrative the only way with photos today and enjoy the fun.