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Guidance to Help You Freely Convert PDF to RTF

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June 01, 2020
Guidance to Help You Freely Convert PDF to RTF

RTF, which is a short name for Rich Text Format, is invented to help Word to be compatible with other text dealing software, to make the content can be easily saved. As a result, comparing to Word, RTF has higher compatibility so people don’t need to worry about that the file can’t be read by some editing software while they need to change the content. Hence, when editing problems come to PDF, people also want to figure out a simple way that they can use to convert PDF to RTF for editing more easily. In this case, I want to recommend the best tool I tried recently to you, which is EasePDF.

Brief Introduction of EasePDF

EasePDF is famous for not only its simple use and all-round functions, but also it is so generous that it offers all these PDF tools for free. All the provided tools on EasePDF are completely free and the platform is opened to everyone equally. From converting the format of a PDF file to edit or reorganize the PDF pages, you can always find a suitable tool on EasePDF. You will quickly master EasePDF’s whole platform too because the site is designed as simple as possible, from its UI to all the functions on it.

How to Convert PDF to RTF

So how can EasePDF help to convert PDF to RTF? Actually, you can easily find the converter, on EasePDF, and this is exactly the one that can help your problem out. The tool is very simple to use, and the guidance is provided here for you to follow.

Step 1. Open the PDF to RTF converter in EasePDF after opening your Chrome, or other web browsers. On the homepage of EasePDF and go to the full tool menu All PDF Tools, you can find the converter easily.

How to Convert PDF to RTF

Step 2. Directly upload the PDF files you need to convert to RTF to the platform. You can add from your desktop by clicking Add File(s) button, or from GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox by hitting the button of them. Also, use a URL for adding the PDF files is also workable.

EasePDF PDF to RTF Add Files

Step 3. The moment you added the PDF files EasePDF will begin to convert them to RTF files for you directly. When it is done, press the Download button and you can save the RTF files to desktop. Also, saving them to GoogleDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive by clicking the suitable button is okay. Keeping the URL and coming back to download the file later within 24 hours are also allowed.

EasePDF PDF to RTF Download File

Url: easepdf-pdf-to-rtf-download-file  Alt: EasePDF PDF to RTF Download File

Highlights of EasePDF

  • Provides a user-friendly interface for easily using all the PDF tools
  • Online platform without the need to download software to desktop
  • The most secure platform with two methods to keep files safe – the SSL Encryption and auto-deletion server setting
  • Fast conversion speed which helps the PDF problems to be solved within seconds
  • Free platform with no need to pay or register
  • Offers different languages for people speaking English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese


Instead of using some complicated software or paid services, easily converting PDF to RTF by using EasePDF just simplify everything. No other tools are needed, just a single EasePDF can help you solve many PDF problems freely. Try it now to convert your first PDF file to RTF!