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    Havana Glasses: The next big thing in eyewear fashion?

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    Fashion trends change with time and year. The year of 2020 gave rise to face masks in designer style. Glasses are now getting more mainstream than any other accessories, it’s the most sought-after item for fashion influencers and stylists. There’s no denial that glasses are powerful in transforming your face and outfit. Glasses give leaders, intellectuals, creative minds and now fashionable human beings into this world. 

    With time, you’ll see a particular style prominent throughout the year. From college students to Instagram Inflationary, all of them are the biggest admirers of it. Hence for the year of 2020, and considering how wild it was, the recent trend of glasses for it is Havana frame glasses. If you aren’t aware of what Havana frames are, then dive into the article to get a life changing makeover.

    What are Havana glasses?

    Havana glasses are fierce and timeless. You’ll know when you see a Havana frame as the colours create a powerful impact on your mind. If you place other frames next to Havana glasses, the appeal of other glasses would appear bland. It’s got to for when you are ready and even when you are not ready and just chilling in your pyjamas. You do you, while the glasses do the work for making you look confident, stylish.

    It’s not just this time that Havana glasses got revealed to the world, it’s been an underrated treasure among fashionistas.  From prescription glasses to fashion eyewear, there’s nothing more diverse and authentic. Havana frames have effortlessly ruled the eyewear market.  From designer Havana glasses for men to women, it’s never likely to go out of fashion. It’s been known for being the causal gem to being a sleek runway look executor in a glance.

    Unlike all other classic styles, Havana created something else of itself that’s utterly stunning. Havana frames are designed into lighter tan-tone on a dark brown tortoiseshell colour that creates a brown on brown combination for a visual delight. These frames work to soften our face and could be accompanied on a laid-back or bright coloured outfit choice.

    Are Tortoiseshell glasses and Havana glasses the same?

    Tortoiseshell glasses, and Havana glasses are often mixed up and considered as one. However, these two glasses are different and a world apart for various reasons that starts with design to texture. For people with not much knowledge about frames, the Havana and tortoise shell colour can appear similar, but it’s different. 

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    In tortoiseshell glasses for women and men, you’ll see original designs compared to Havana frames. The history of Tortoiseshell is much more complex and long compared to Havana frames. The frame of the tortoise shell is made up with brown, honey, yellow, black-tinged tones. While Havana frames have one shade that is dark brown with different levels of contrasting spots on it. Hence these two differ from one another. 

    The Havana tone is appealing to all age groups and has become a popular accessory with no buts or ifs. It’s simple, mysterious and offers timelessness to unrivalled versatility. 

    Where to get stunning Havana frames?

    Beautiful range of Havana frames of all sizes and styles is offered at Specscart. Specscart offers glasses of new and trendy frames along with its custom made designer frames each season. The glasses at Specscart are fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance that offers 100% assurance of quality and protection. Head over to Specscart for all eyewear related problems like glasses lens replacement to digital blue light coating, you’ll get it in 24 hours dispatch and free delivery. If still not in the mood to buy, try its Havana frames with its free home try ons service for upto 4 frames till 7 days.


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