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Here is why Jewellery certification is important

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December 24, 2020
Here is why Jewellery certification is important

Gold Jewellery has always been centric to Indian society, from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari amongst all – Religions, Regions, Race, and castes. Centuries back Jewellery was not constrained by the terms of purity, quality or grades. With time the norms changed too, with the high demand in countries like India, setting a proper standard was not only important but became a necessity. It was because many small-time Jewellers along with several goldsmiths- all of them selling gold Jewellery in different purity and grades. 

All you need to know about BIS

In an attempt to standardize the gold system BIS was introduced- Bureau of Indian Standard that is the national body of India working under the Ministry of consumer affairs, food & public distribution. For better understanding BIS hallmark Jewellery comes with a hallmark symbol which indicates:

  1. Purity in karat and fineness
  2. Assaying and hallmarking centre’s identification mark
  3. Jewellers logo/identification

The BIS hallmark is sometimes visible only through a Jewellers loupe; they are very minute and placed on the back of the Jewellery item. Example if you take a gold choker necklace, the inside part of the bracelet will have the certification details or the hook that secures the bracelet will contain the details.

Why is Hallmarking Important?

While we all deal treat hallmarking simply as a mandate, it is more than a standard. Gold jewellery designs with price is often bought with investment as underlying intention, in financial crises we often turn to gold for relief, if the gold is not BIS hallmarked it gets difficult to get a correct rate or prevailing price. As BIS standard gives the mark of purity the gold can get a good value on the exchange. So, it is important we buy gold that is BIS hallmarked at all times.

What should I do with my old gold?

Often the question comes into mind as to how we can get our old gold-certified- gold that came into the family as a legacy or old heritage pieces of mothers, grandparents and great grandparents like gold Chandbali earrings or a pure gold watch, or gold spectacle frame etc or simple non hallmarked Jewellery that we may have bought. These Jewellery items can be taken to the nearest government certified hallmarking centre to get them hallmarked at a nominal fee.

Here is where you can buy hallmark Jewellery

Hallmark Jewellery can be bought across all major retail Jewellery stores. Lately, there has been a wave of public awareness because of which every Jeweller is now stipulating their quality in line. Keeping this in mind, all the Jewellers are now selling BIS hallmarked Jewellery only, leaving apart few rural area goldsmiths and small-time Jewellers. 

Keeping in mind the future value of gold, it is a wise investment to pool in, simultaneously buying gold that is pure and standard is also important for us to get that kind of returns. Hence, for those of you who know about hallmarking, educate your near and dear ones to on the importance of buying gold that is standard in all ways.