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Here is Why You Still Need a Freight Forwarder in the digitalized world.

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May 03, 2021
Here is Why You Still Need a Freight Forwarder in the digitalized world.

That technology has impacted every aspect of businesses is no news. You will be lost on time trying to imagine what you can achieve today on your business without technology, whether you are looking into communication, production, recruitment, and above all, logistics. 

While technology has led to seamless logistics through ease of ordering and freight access, some aspects still require a human touch. Top of these aspects is the need to involve a freight forwarder. 

Here are some of the reasons you need a freight forwarder in the digitalized world 

What is a Freight Forwarder, and What do they do? 

A freight forwarder is an individual or service provider that ensures your shipped goods arrive at the designated destination and at the right time. They are equivalent to a traveling agency. While they don’t offer freight services, they are all about everything else that ensures the process’s success. 

Choosing a reliable truck freight to ship your goods is not enough. You still need someone to ensure the goods leave the factory and that they are of the right quality and quantity. The freight forwarder also helps in reviewing commercial invoices and documents of transportation. They also help in clearing at any point as needed. 

The logistical process involves various players. You have to visit multiple sites and make several calls, making it hectic to complete everything online on your own. 

A freight forwarder comes in handy for optimized logistics. They have the expertise and experience to guide you on a comprehensive logistic solution for an efficient, sustainable, and profitable shipping procedure. 

Choosing the Freight Forwarder in the Digitalized World

Once you have ascertained the need for a freight forwarder, the next issue is choosing the ideal one for your business. The first factor to look into is the experience of the individual or the service provider. You need a freight forwarder who provides valuable insights into your operations. 

Look for a freight forwarder who allows you to play an active role in logistics. While the freight forwarder might have ideas on what’s best, they must also let you choose what you feel is right. You have the liberty to choose the freight and manage the whole supply chain through their systems. 

The cost of the freight forwarding services is also essential. With several freight forwarders available, most are offering to attract clients. Research and identify the ones that offer affordable rates. However, do not compromise seamless services over rates. 

Better still, the freight forwarder must embrace technology. Even though technology has not eliminated freight forwarders, they have to implement various technological services in their operations. The technology should be in areas such as information provision and supply chain management. 

Is Technology a Threat to Freight Forwarders in the Long Run? 

Every aspect that has been eliminated by technology views it as a threat. For now, however, freight forwarders remain free from the danger of elimination by technology. Instead, they can only incorporate technological advancements into their operations.

One of the ways technology has been advantageous to freight forwarders is to enable a faster-quoting process. They spend less time and costs to handle quotes.

Freight forwarders also use technology to align various customer needs through the use of automation options. They also have multiple integration capabilities for seamless supply chain processes.

However, these are only viable in a short while. Freight forwarders services are not likely to survive the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The advanced automation and integration capabilities will make it unnecessary to have a human facilitating the supply chain process.


Even though digitization is the most common solution today, the traditional freight forwarders remain relevant. They supplement the best freight truck and other logistics you might have. The success of your company still largely depends on the type of freight forwarder your work with.