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Here’s How HRs Can Learn From Project Management Software

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December 22, 2020
Here’s How HRs Can Learn From Project Management Software

What is the basic job of a project manager? Risk mitigation. Do not let this technological term fool you. Risk mitigation is what is actually common between a project manager and a human resource manager. 

The basic idea behind risk mitigation by the project managers is that they mitigate risk during the release of projects. They do this by managing the entire process that includes everything from ideation to planning, creation to execution, and finally monitoring to reporting. When everything is managed from point A to point Z, risks are bound to get mitigated. That is what the HR team is responsible for as well. 

HR managers are responsible to mitigate risks that are related to the workforce, the people of the organization. Their job is to ensure that every employee in the organization is set to move in the direction of a successful and happy career. 

There are a lot more ways where HRs can take some tips from the project management aspect of the organization. It is not only for the teams handling client projects. It is also a great tool for HRs. After all, the workforce is an HR project. 


  • It is the right technology 


One thing that HR managers can certainly pick from project managers is the art of investing in the right tool. What exactly is the right technology? The right technology for you will be the one that does not become a hindrance but helps your business run seamlessly. 

Project managers take a lot of steps before investing in project management software. They make a list of features that they truly require. They also identify the monetary resources that are available to invest in the tool. It is only after that that they purchase the tool. One of the best software for project management is perhaps Teamwork for its features and the budget. 

Just like this, HRs should find their HR management tool only after researching, identifying, and analyzing each and every aspect. 


  • It helps you start right 


It is important to start right if you wish to reach where you are hoping to reach. One tip that HRs can pick from project managers is that they always start with a need. They first look for what is needed in the market, research for the product that will help fill the gap, what is broken and can be fixed, and such. 

For project managers, it always starts with the need. 

Similarly, what HR managers can do is instead of straight away implementing their ideas or projects, they can look for real needs. Avoid the perceived requirements. It will help them plan their quarterly goals more successfully. 

You can also survey teams regularly to figure out what challenges they are facing and find solutions that will quickly help you solve these problems. Such projects will turn out to be a lot more successful. 


  • Makes it easy to delegate


One can simply not emphasize more on how important it is to delegate than a project manager. They are perhaps the master delegators. 

While it is true that they are the most vital part of any project, they don’t usually do the work. They are responsible for bringing in the best team after learning about their strengths, delegating the task to each one according to the talent they show, and then manage the project till completion.  

HRs can indeed pick up a lot from this method of project managers. HRs often come across situations where they lack staffing to handle the workload or there are times when the attention of HRs is shifter to priorities such as leadership communication, managing relationships, planning responses to needs, and more. This can affect the workflow. 

All these are the tasks that are needed to be taken care of in any which way. But you should keep in mind that one person can only perform so much. Thus, you should learn the art of delegation and play on the strengths of your team. 


There are plenty of things that HR managers can learn from project managers. Do you use any of such tactics of project managers to make your HR work easy? Do share with us in the comments below we would love to know!