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How An Employee Portal Benefits Your Organization

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January 14, 2021
How An Employee Portal Benefits Your Organization

An employee portal is a digital platform that provides employees quick access to HR service content so they can keep them abreast with important company procedures without involving the HR professionals. It also enables the HR management professionals to engage with employees and manage all their necessary information in a centralized location.

Even though employee portals are quite popular now, a lot of organizations undermine their importance. They fail to recognize how efficiently it streamlines the process and provides a consolidated platform for everyone. If you are one of those organizations, we have a list of benefits that will convince you to create a portal immediately:


  • It empowers employees:


An employee portal includes a lot of employee specific information like payroll information, incentives and benefits, company procedures and HR policies which ensures employees can get help for most of the common questions easily. It allows them to quickly update their personal information and submit proofs without the need to involve an HR professional.

With the social engagement features, employees can seek help from their co-workers across departments in case of any confusion. When employees get correct information with just a click of a button, it makes them feel self-sufficient and empowered. Also, every detail they need is on the portal; so there is a lot of transparency in the administrative processes.


  • It provides easy access to payslips:


For any employee, payslips are necessary for applying for rent allowance, loans, credit card applications, etc. A lot of companies prefer handing out paper payslips to employees but that has become difficult due to the pandemic and remote work policy. A payslip can be easily uploaded online for employees to access digitally on the employee self-service portal.

This allows employees to easily access current and previous payslips online from anywhere at any time. Having access to payslips and related information through a payroll app is highly convenient and eliminates the need for employees to reach out to their HR for any clarifications.


  • It allows easy maintenance of employee records:


One of the major reasons an employee quits a company is due to late processing of payroll. This makes it crucial for HR managers to ensure employees always receive their salaries on time. Payroll processing requires time tracking and attendance records of employees for accurate calculations and deductions.

With an employee portal, payroll processing and management becomes easy and accurate. Employees can apply and update leaves online which eliminates the need for any paperwork. Payroll managers can quickly access how many hours an employee has worked and verify the number of sick leaves and vacation days they have utilized.


  • It streamlines administrative tasks:


For an HR of a small organization, it is easy to read mails about leaves, check if they are clashing with important events and accordingly respond to them. But when the organization starts growing it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of leave requests or payroll related enquiries or just basic questions about company protocols.

When an organization creates an employee portal it streamlines all these administrative tasks and makes the whole process more efficient. Through the portal employees can apply for leaves, view leave balance, update their details and emergency contacts, submit reimbursements proofs etc. easily. It prevents HR managers too from getting confused with multiple requests and proofs to assess. 


An effective employee self-service portal creates a positive workplace culture and enhances an employee’s perception about the organization. It not only makes the processes transparent, but also makes communication and coordination with employees smoother. Does your company have an employee portal? How has it benefited your organization? Let us know in the comments below.