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    Features of pos machine and how GPRS pos machine work?

    Features of pos machine and how GPRS pos machine work?

    A POS machine allows you to accept credit/debit card payments, along with most of the modern digital payment options such as UPI, BHIM, digital wallets, etc. The reduced pos charges are also playing a vital role in encouraging consumers to switch to digital methods of payments compared to a few years back when many types of applicable charges posed a hindrance in increasing the number of people transacting digitally.

    Let’s look at a few of the features of the POS system!

    Allows for Better Invoicing

    A pos system tracks payment information and keeps a record of every transaction that takes place. In the case of a manual process, it would otherwise take a lot of time ending up creating queues of people waiting for their turn, by simplifying the entire process, allows for better scanning and selling of products.

    Better inventory management

    Cloud-based pos systems allow for better management of inventory and allow businesses to keep a track of what’s available and what’s not. Every time an item is scanned, the software stores that information making it much easier for a business owner to get a bird’s eye view over the entire inventory and availability of every item. Moreover, in the case of a cloud-based system, business owners can keep a track of multiple stores on the overall inventory.

    Customer and Supplier Orders

    Sometimes customers can end up requesting something that is currently not in stock for buying later. A POS machine allows you to store that request and keep a track of the order to update customers as and when that item shows up in the inventory. This helps provide value to your customers as they feel listened to and thus will value your business more in return. Similarly, it also helps track supplier orders helping better manage orders and making timely payments.

    Integrated Supplier Purchases

    A POS system is capable of recording all purchases sent to the suppliers. It’s important for good inventory management as it’s important to keep your business stocked up on items. A POS system can help you directly place orders with your suppliers and make the entire process simpler, and plan your inventory better.

    Consistent Customizable Reporting

    Using a POS system, you can create customized reports on all aspects of your business including accounting, sales, inventory, etc. Everything is neatly summarized over any given period helping you evaluate the overall progress or pain points of your business. It makes the entire reporting process simpler and more efficient by removing human error.

    Multi-Store Management

    Modern pos systems allow you to better manage several stores at once. You can track inventory, staff performance, warehouse management, and a lot of other things. You can better manage data and optimize your inventory across every store. Having the ability to manage multiple stores will help you customize your priorities according to the specific requirements of that store.

    Now that we have taken a look at the features of a pos machine, let’s look at what a GPRS machine is and how it works!

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    What is a GPRS POS Machine?

    A GPRS POS machine is one of the most common types of POS machines and uses a GPRS SIM card for communicating data. In simple words, there is a sim just like the ones on your emi mobile phone.

    How Does it work?

    It is a mobile chip and pin machine that utilizes a SIM card and doesn’t require a WIFI or phone line to communicate transaction data. It helps businesses accept credit card payments on the go from anywhere. All one needs to do is switch on the device, and the machine connects to the SIM network to start communication data.

    A card swiping machine is an important piece of hardware for any business that needs to accept card payments along with other digital modes of payments to sustain and grow the business at large. 

    Moreover, a modern-day business requires modern-day solutions to outperform its rivals, and even though pos machines are more of the norm than an exception these days, having one still makes a lot of difference for the overall success of your business!


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