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How is the tuition fees and accommodation cost in Caribbean for medical students?

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June 17, 2021
How is the tuition fees and accommodation cost in Caribbean for medical students?

Popular as a tropical paradise, the Caribbean is a perfect blend of different cultures, weather, food and laid-back lifestyle. Besides seas, soft white sand and turquoise water, the Caribbean is also famous for its medical schools. The island comprises at least 60 medical schools that offer internationally recognized programs. Every year, a large chunk of international students come to the Caribbean to study medicine offshore. As the Caribbean provides a second chance to students with low GPA or MCAT scores, most applicants come from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom due to the low acceptance rates in their respective countries. 

Apart from the MCAT scores, there are several perks of studying medicine in the Caribbean, such as clinical rotations, small class sizes, rolling admission policy and residency programs in the US. Now, you must be wondering about the Caribbean medical school tuition. Isn’t it? Today, we will familiarize medical aspirants with the tuition fees and accommodation costs in the Caribbean. 

What is the cost of studying medicine in the Caribbean?

The leading medical schools in the Caribbean require a pre-requisite bachelor’s degree for securing admission. Therefore, if you have what it takes to become a doctor, the Caribbean medical schools are the best place to help you achieve your dream. Notably, the tuition fee for medical applicants in the Basic Sciences program is approximately $ 18,825 per semester. Similarly, it costs approximately $ 21,950 per semester for pursuing Clinical Medicine. In addition, part-time tuition per credit hour is $ 740 for matriculants on or before the May semester. 

Likewise, the tuition for matriculants on or after the September semester is slightly different. The tuition for pursuing Basic Sciences is $ 23,500 per semester and Clinical Medicine is $ 26,000 per semester. However, the part-time tuition per credit hour is similar to the May semester that is $ 740. Apart from tuition fees, there are several other charges that students have to pay as per the payment policy,such as application fee, clinical liability insurance, lab fee, review fee, student activity fee, exam fee and other non-refundable administrative fees. Notably, tuition fees and additional charges are subject to change.

It is also essential to know about the accommodation cost while planning to stay in the Caribbean to study medicine. As medicine is one of the costliest educational programs that often lead to debt, some leading medical schools in the Caribbean provide dormitories to first-semester medical students at a lower price to lessen their burden. Owned by the university’s residents, these dormitories are fully equipped with air-conditioners, refrigerators and microwaves. The first semester students have to pay $ 2,450 for Hillside Dorm Single in the top Caribbean medical school. Besides the dorm charge, students have to pay an additional $ 500 as the security deposit, fuel and water charge upon their arrival. After their first semester, students will have to find accommodation outside the medical school campus.

Some top medical schools in the Caribbean also provide several financial aids and scholarships to aspiring medical students, such as US Academic Scholarship, Canadian Scholarship Programs and the Cayman Islands Scholarship. So, make a well-informed decision for a successful career in medicine.