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How Much Does a Blown Gasket Cost?

In Automotive
September 20, 2020
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How much does fixing a blown gasket cost? The parts themselves aren’t expensive, it’s the quantity of labor required that creates it costly. A gasket repair can take anywhere from six hours to many days to finish . the typical out of pocket amount is typically between $1,000 and $2,000, meaning it’d be better to junk the car instead of fix it.

The truth of the matter is that even mentioning the phrase “changing a head gasket” is enough to form anyone feel queasy. Thankfully, during this article, we’ll review everything you would like to understand about this pricey issue. Including what it’s , what causes it, and the way to check for it. also as whether it’s worth repairing, and the way much it’s to repair a blown gasket .

What is a Head Gasket?

The concept behind a gasket is straightforward . To seal the connection between the cylinder block and plate . This seal ensures oil and coolant can travel between, lubricating the engine and holding it within a secure temperature range. It also seals the combustion chamber, keeping the pressure created by the spark plugs from seeping out. Without an ample supply of lubricant, and without enough coolant. The engine can either seize or overheat, which may cause catastrophic problems. Additionally, if there’s not enough pressure to maneuver the pistons, the motor won’t have enough power to continue running.

As you’ll see, the top gasket plays an important role within the operation of your engine. When it’s not ready to do its job, it’s officially considered “blown,” meaning you’ll need a replacement gasket . the most reason a blown head gasket costs such a lot is thanks to its hard-to-reach location. Making it not only time-consuming to exchange but challenging also . It’s not like replacing a sparking plug or an filter , which are both easy to urge to. to succeed in the top gasket, you’ve got to strip the engine of just about every major part.

The most important thing a few gasket replacement is doing so at the primary signs of a problem . Ignoring it can cause severe problems, like a cracked cylinder block or warped head. These often result from the engine getting too hot thanks to a scarcity of coolant, usually stemming from a leak.


Graphite gaskets aren’t only excellent at dissipating heat, which guards against burnout. But they’re also cheaper , which lowers the entire gasket cost . Their ability to face up to high-temperatures helps ensure they don’t become brittle or creep. Graphite also seals better on rough surfaces compared to other options thanks to their compressibility. Which is ideal if you’ve got components made up of different materials, like an aluminum head on an iron block.


Though mostly discontinued, composite gaskets are a solid choice when handling mods because they’re easy to trim. They’re often comprised out of graphite and asbestos, which makes them immune to coolant, gasoline, oil, and alcohol. But this is often also why they’re less popular since asbestos is toxic.


Rubber gaskets are popular thanks to how easy they’re to put in compared to other options. They’re also fantastic at resisting heat, also as preventing leaks thanks to their flexibility. If you’re trying to stay the value to repair a blown gasket down, rubber may be a great choice.


Cork gaskets are highly compressible, which is superb for creating a decent seal. They’re also competent in resisting high-temperature and high-vacuum conditions.

The negative to a cork gasket is that over time they dry out, which makes them brittle and certain to crack and crumble. the opposite downside is that once you remove them, they have a tendency to tear and leave behind a residue.


Copper may be a little pricier, but well worth the added amount if you own a high-performance vehicle. Copper head gaskets distribute heat evenly, which minimizes warping, and if you’ve got tons of aftermarket parts, they generate tons of warmth . They’re also malleable, meaning they will conform to almost any surface regardless of how rough and make a decent seal.

Multi-Layered Steel (MLS)

MLS head gaskets are the foremost popular choice for many modern vehicles. They’re comprised of several thin layers of steel that are coated to assist it conform to the surface of the block and head. Their design makes them nearly resistant to distortion. Which makes them ideal for supercharged or turbocharged models. Though they’re a touch costlier, they have a tendency to last an extended time, even under extreme pressure.

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