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How to brainstorm with a mind mapping tool?

How to brainstorm with a mind mapping tool?

We’ve heard of brainstorming a million times in our lives. It is mainly used in professional and educational contexts, and means generating ideas, making decisions and creating creative solutions to a problem. However, there is one thing that remains rather unclear. This refers to the use of the mind mapping tool. Our advice is to use the mind mapping tool, because it has proven to be the best and most efficient approach. Read below how exactly to use the mind mapping tool.

What is brainstorming?

Whether you use brainstorming for work, school, a personal project or a vacation, you are convinced of one thing – it is a powerful tool for creating ideas and overcoming ideas. If you approach it properly, you can do many things, from finding the perfect name for a start-up to solving the global energy crisis. On the other hand, the wrong approach would only take up your precious time and you would not achieve anything.

Therefore, brainstorming can be divided into several sections. The first relates to quantity and this means that it would be desirable to present as many ideas as possible at once. During this process, omit convictions of any kind. In the end, unusual ideas are the best of all. They act very stimulating. Combining, refining and improving ideas is also desirable.

What are mind maps?

Since brainstorming can be performed on different software, the most efficient format is mind maps. Why are mind maps so important? With them, visualization of thinking is much easier, and you can work individually or in groups. Thanks to the network software, it can help you if you are participating in a group project. Either way, now your ideas can have a great structure and hierarchy. That way you get a great overview and all on just one page.

In this way, you are enabled to reflect on the functioning of the human brain. It is now very easy to generate new ideas by merging, and you can use colors, icons and images. This is the reason for the emergence of various associations, emotions and connotations that trigger new ideas. This is why mind maps are a very powerful tool.

How to brainstorm with a mind mapping tool

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The first step involves moving away from the center. What it means? It is necessary to make an empty mind map in the program and note the essence. This refers to a potential problem, subject, or other goal. It would be good to add a picture to the central theme or question as well. The next item is guidelines, and they involve writing down additional information about the central topic. This way, everything is in one place and you have instructions for all the next steps. If you are working on a group project, you need to inspire others. You will do this by adding a few ideas to help them come up with something new and add their own input.

Finally, feel free to share your mind map. You can use email to invite all people individually or share them on social media by inviting groups of people at once. Don’t forget to carefully review your work or mind map. We tell you this in case you are overwhelmed with ideas, because then you have to establish an organization. So, it is necessary to group related ideas, use colors to highlight some things, etc. The point of this is a better overview of the material. After that, turn all actions into tasks that you will share with your team.


So, by introducing the mind mapping tool you are doing yourself a big favor. It’s a surefire way to get your thoughts, brainstorming, and collecting a lot of new ideas as good as possible. Forget about tracking ideas using writing and paper methods. Mind mapping tool suits all budgets and requirements, and offers you many benefits.



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